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Too Fat For Murder

Updated on September 24, 2012

Mayra Rosales, 31

Court Ruled that Mayra was too fat for Murder

1,100 pound Mayra Rosales
in 2008 was wrongly convicted of killing her younger nephew by allegedly 'rolling on top of him'

After telling police this, the doctors made a startling discovery, that not only was the death of her nephew caused by a blow to the head, that Mayra was completely incapable of moving her arm.

Now that Mayra's sister Jaime has confessed and been charged with the murder of her young son after striking him several times over the head with a hair brush.
A documentary showing the tragic case of Mayra Rosales, and her family.


In early 2008, When Mayra moved in with her sister Jaime, her sister had to take care of her and her children, although being almost entirely unable to move, or even get out of bed Mayra was continually left in charge of the small children while her sister would go out shopping and such.

But events took a horrific turn in March 2008, when Mayra witnessed her sister hit Eliseo Jr. ‘Jaime was giving my nephew breakfast and he didn’t want to eat,’ says Mayra. ‘I told her if he was crying he wasn’t going to eat, but she got mad, got a brush and h-i-t him on his arms, legs and head which left a bump.

Her sister then put her nephew to bed and left to go shopping, the boy began to have trouble breathing and that is when she called an ambulance to come save the boy.

When her sister wen to go to the hospital to see her baby, she told Mayra that they would not let her see her son until she told them who hurt him. That is when Mayra told the doctors she crushed him while playing.

the fact she could not commit the murder, didn't become apparent until after a thorough examination into the fact of weather she was capable of committing the crime at her current weigh and in her immediate physical state.

Rescue teams were called in to cut through the wall of her Texas home and remove her as no door was big enough for her to fit through.

The purge

A team of 15 then proceeded to carry her out of the walls that they had cut through to see trial.

1,100 LB Mayra Rosales was found not guilty in 2012

Mayra was released in January 2012 and is being featured in a documentary of her own, telling the story of sibling loyalty, medical trauma, and the tragedy of the death of a young child.


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    • X-Con profile image


      6 years ago from The Free World!

      Usually when someone is obese they are putting their life at risk. In this case, it was life-saving!

    • HealthCanada profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from Canada

      It is a harsh thought that some innocent people spend time behind bars while others are allowed to get away with their crimes, all to often we see the rare case that gets found out.

      Statistics show that 15-30% depending on the prison have wrong person behind bars. And that percentage is based on those eventually found out!

      Thanks for your support.


    • jose7polanco profile image

      Jose Misael Polanco 

      6 years ago from Los Angeles

      I know some physical conditions sometimes are a legal defense in court. I would have never thought weight could be a legal defense until i heard of the guy accused of climb over the fence and burglarize a home. His defense said he was too slow to run and move that fast before police arrived and also he was too heavy to climb over the fence without breaking the fence into pieces. He was mistaken by wearing similar clothes and being in the area around the same time.


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