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Top 10 Conspiracy Theories

Updated on July 18, 2011

Top 10 Conspiracy Theories

Below are some of the best conspiracy theories that just won't die. These are the Top 10 conspiracy theories in terms of popularity, endurance, and how many believers exist.

They run the gamut from assassination conspiracy theories including JFK conspiracy theories, moon landing conspiracy theories and other government conspiracy theories, alien conspiracy theories, the Illuminati and the New World Order, and other events in history that just don't seem to add up in the public's eyes.

Do I personally believe any of the following conspiracy theories? Well, I'm not going to say which ones, but yes, I do believe, at least in part, a few of these popular conspiracy theories.

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Alien Conspiracy Theories Books - Roswell Incident

One of the Most Popular Alien Conspiracy Theories - Roswell Crash

Most people believe something crashed in Roswell, New Mexico during the summer of 1947. Air Force authorities initially said it was a type of flying saucer, but then quickly changed their minds.  Later official reports claim that it was a weather balloon.  Today, it is thought that what crashed at Roswell was a top secret military spy balloon.  Talk of a conspiracy did not come about until decades later, however.

This alien conspiracy theory suggests that crashed flying saucers, including the one from Roswell, are stored and studied at a top secret location known as Area 51.  Some believe that even aliens are kept there, both living and dead.

JFK Conspiracy Theories - One of the Top 10 Conspiracy Theories

The death of John F. Kennedy, the 35th American president, has brought about many JFK conspiracy theories.  In 1963, Kennedy was shot and killed in Dallas, Texas in front of many spectators.  Most people agree that Lee Harvey Oswald was the person that shot Kennedy.  But some people believe that there was more than one killer.  The infamous grassy knoll is the location where many think the second shooter was hidden.

There also are many JFK conspiracy theories as to who hired or commanded Oswald to kill Kennedy.  The Mafia, CIA, FBI, Fidel Castro, Lyndon B. Johnson, or the KGB are all suspects to conspiracy theorists.

The Warren Commission concluded that Oswald did indeed act alone.  But a report in 1979 by the House Select Committee on Assassinations decided that there was an assassination conspiracy to kill JFK, and that there probably was more than one shooter.

Since Lee Harvey Oswald was killed by Jack Ruby just days after Oswald was arrested, this is a conspiracy theory that will probably never be answered for sure.

Moon Landing Conspiracy Theories

Another very popular government conspiracy theory is that the United States, NASA, and possibly the CIA faked the 1969 Apollo moon landing.  Some of the reasons given for supporting the Apollo moon landing conspiracy theory are: the flag that was on the Moon was flapping when there would be no wind, the astronauts could not have survived the radiation exposure, the photos show no stars, and the film could not have survived the surface temperature of the Moon.

Princess Diana Assassination Conspiracy Theories Books

More Assassination Conspiracy Theories - Princess Diana Conspiracy Theories

The death of Princess Diana also spawned assassination conspiracy theories.  Princess Diana and a companion, Dodi Al-Fayed, were both killed in Paris in 1997. The car accident occurred in a highway tunnel while trying to escape from  papparazzi.  Many feel that it was it was not an accident, but instead an assassination.

A couple of reasons given for believing it was an assassination are that Princess Diana was pregnant or that she was going to convert to Islam.  It was thought that she was embarrassing the Royal Family.

Some of the groups thought to be responsible for Diana's death are the IRA, British intelligence, the CIA, enemies of the Fayed family, and the British Royal Family themselves.

America Conspiracy Theories

October Surprise is the name given to a conspiracy theory involving President Reagan and the Tehran hostages. Conspiracy theorists suggest that Ronald Reagan representatives negotiated with Iran terrorists. The America conspiracy theory goes that they made a deal to not release the hostages during Jimmy Carter's administration. This would virtually guarantee the election for Reagan. Adding fuel to this America conspiracy theory fire is the fact that the hostages were indeed released just minutes after Reagan's inauguration. They had been held captive for over a year.

The reason it is called October Surprise is because any big news events that happen in October can influence voters during the presidential election in November.

911 Conspiracy Theories - Maybe #1 in the Top 10 Conspiracy Theories

The latest and perhaps the biggest conspiracy theory involves the attacks by terrorists on September 11, 2001 in the USA. Some of the 911 conspiracy claims are: United States government planned the attacks themselves to generate support for the military and policies which would invade personal privacy. Others don't go so far as to say the United States government was behind the terrorist plans, but instead believe that the US government had information ahead of time concerning the 9/11 attacks and intentionally did nothing to stop it.

Some of the reasons given for believing the 911 conspiracy theory are because many say the collapse of the World Trade Center Twin Towers looked like a professional demolition, because the Pentagon was hit in a section that had just been built, because of the flights being in the air for more than 30 minutes with no military intervention, and the fact that many of the buildings were made of steel and should have held up under a fire.

Elvis Conspiracy Theory

Elvis Presley is so beloved that fans don't want to let him die. Although he died in 1977 at his home, he has has been reported being seen around the world to this day. People who believe the Elvis conspiracy theory think that Elvis faked his death so that he could live the rest of his life in peace, without mobs everywhere he went.

Government Conspiracy Theories Books - Pearl Harbor Conspiracy

More America and Government Conspiracy Theories

The next conspiracy theory is very similar to the 911 conspiracy theory. It involves Pearl Harbor. The belief is that President Roosevelt knew about the Pearl Harbor attack beforehand and did nothing to stop it. It is believed that he was warned by at least one foreign government about the pending attack by the Japanese. It was thought that he did this to get the American public support for United States to enter the world war.

More Goverment Conspiracy Theories - Illuminati Conspiracy Theory

A conspiracy theory that quite a few people believe is that a secret society influences world government. Sometimes it is referred to as the Illuminati or the New World Order. The Illuminati are thought to have existed for hundreds of years. Some believe the Freemasons are behind the New World Order.

Supposedly this top secret society influences and controls world leaders around the globe. Many think that the society's intention is to create a police state world government so that they can control policies, industries, and raw materials worldwide.

Last of the Top 10 Conspiracy Theories

The last conspiracy theory is that alternative energy sources and technology are being blocked by people and corporations which profit from oil and gas consumption. Links to the New World Order above are also associated with this conspiracy theory.

Some who believe this point to how government regulations and costs make it virtually impossible for average consumers to attempt to use alternative energy sources. Also mentioned are previous inventions which were huge energy savers and basically made extinct by government.

Top 10 Conspiracy Theories - Do You Believe? Have Any to Add?

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    • limpet profile image

      Ian Stuart Robertson 

      13 months ago from London England

      Things are not quite what they seem!

    • somethgblue profile image


      2 years ago from Shelbyville, Tennessee

      The rise of the female Kundalini will ensure that the Matriarchal paradigm will return and exert its rule over mankind, after almost 15,000 years of the Patriarchal system we are due for a change.

      Ever read Children Of God, limpet? Read The Sparrow first!

    • limpet profile image

      Ian Stuart Robertson 

      2 years ago from London England

      The productions offered by Hollywood these days seem to assert a coming dystopic world where life is at best boring and at worst drudgery. Given Hollywood has been a front runner in subtley 'letting the cat of the bag' or pre empting world shattering events i've stopped going to cinemas now. A young lady new on the London scene has come up with some would say radicle reforms to make society more livable. Ma Dawa is an artiste with aspirations for politcal change. She is an accomplished harpist and a black belt holder in karate. Her ' one love ' party is now gaining momentum.

    • limpet profile image

      Ian Stuart Robertson 

      2 years ago from London England

      Q. What did one marionette say to another? A. There is no puppeteer!

    • limpet profile image

      Ian Stuart Robertson 

      3 years ago from London England

      I've reason to believe that there is a plan for women to take control by stealth. This became apparent when a particular daily broadsheet raised the phenomena of adolescent 'all girl' gangs which have emerged in many inner city boroughs. They mainly indulge in street crime, racist bullying and outrageous behavior designed to shock passers by. Looking into this further i uncovered a network of women's organisations that are into the big time, divorcing their husbands and fleecing them dry. They are as 'hard as nails' and with no regard for men at all. All they have to do is get some of their number elected into government and we could see a conspiracy of mind boggling proportions.

    • limpet profile image

      Ian Stuart Robertson 

      3 years ago from London England

      I was asked by an army doctor during a stint at one barracks to participate in a rehabilitation program for shell shock and other trauma. The reason I was selected was because my drinking habits were noticed and the commanding officer wanted to get me 'off the grog'. This trial occurred at a military hospital some miles away and was conducted by civilian staff. To my shock we were accommodated in the psychiatric ward and when I queried this I was labelled un co-operative, denied some priviledges and teased by the nurses. Ater my return unit I applied to attend a helicopter crewman course which was rejected as I had undergone specialist medical treatment,

    • limpet profile image

      Ian Stuart Robertson 

      4 years ago from London England

      Recently i delved into the wartime disappearance of Glenn Miller the band leader and music composer. There are several hypothesies surrounding this mystery. Such a shame this happened, apparently he had a whole new composition of never before heard music which we were fated not to hear.

    • limpet profile image

      Ian Stuart Robertson 

      4 years ago from London England

      Further to my previous posting

      When i was in the circus 'oops i mean service' i rather regretfully voluteered for the infantry and did my rookies with a regiment

      One of our instructors had recently returned from Laos attached to their miniscule army and one time when off duty some of us went to the married quarters for a social drink and he showed us some memorabilia of his tour of duty overseas this was in the early 60s

      On a map he pointed to a particular region and "Gentleman! If we are sent to S.E.Asia under the SEATO AGREEMENT this is our likely 'locstat' Phuc Thui province Republic of South Vietnam"

    • limpet profile image

      Ian Stuart Robertson 

      4 years ago from London England

      My grandfather served on the western front during world war one

      and was in a 300 man guard of honour for the King of England who was visiting the rear echelons

      Ater His Majesty departed the commanding general told those troops to go back to their lines and tell everyone the war would be over in 6 weeks which no one believed until the general was proven correct

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      thought you and your readers might find this of interest, concerning conspiracy 'expert' [!!!] david icke, enjoy

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Go to Alex Jones

    • somethgblue profile image


      6 years ago from Shelbyville, Tennessee

      Ho Hum, not very well researched and definitely behind the times, perhaps that is the point.

      You could write a whole hub article about what was left out of this article, you should probable stick to something you have a clue about, this aint it.

    • PrometheusKid profile image


      7 years ago from Heaven

      What about the conspiracy of but i guess is not popular as aliens.

    • Unchained Grace profile image

      Unchained Grace 

      8 years ago from Baltimore, MD

      Here's another one. The CIA has infiltrated Hub Pages under various author names in order to locate and identify possible terrorist and anti-government threats. Reality? Care to run the bluff and find out?

    • flinsura profile image


      8 years ago

      Very Interesting Hub? Yup it is enjoyable! Thanks for this Hub...

    • Apepperson profile image


      8 years ago from Texas

      You mean these are just theories? Gosh, I took all of them for the truth! LOL

      Good Hub, very enjoyable!

    • John B Badd profile image

      John B Badd 

      8 years ago from Saint Louis, MO

      Cool hub, the truth is out there ;)

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      Angela, excellent hub and if we had an excellent rating that's what I would give you for the information, the direct and concise format, and the level of interest your hub generates.

    • Hello, hello, profile image

      Hello, hello, 

      8 years ago from London, UK

      Very interesting and informative hub. WILL WE EVER GET THE TRUTH?

    • ocbill profile image


      8 years ago from hopefully somewhere peaceful and nice

      good hub although, Alien life is no conspiracy. I was intrigued of the other reports by military and comm'l airliners (domestic and int'l)

      9/11 - quite a few theories on that one to stomach. I guess that overshadowed Bush's Enron and Katrina failures.

    • TwO1FouR profile image


      8 years ago from Dallas, TX

      Very interesting. Nice hub

    • someonewhoknows profile image


      8 years ago from south and west of canada,north of ohio

      If,you believe that our government is controled by the energy cartels,and the news sources then the possibility of a conspiracy is clear for all to see.One would have to be mentally deficient not to see the possibilities that exist.Life is full of contradictions.Believe what we say,not what we do.


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