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Top 10 Reasons Trump Could be the Next US President

Updated on July 7, 2016

1. Hillary Clinton finds herself under FBI investigation because she subverted Federal laws by installing an unapproved email server when she was Sec State.

2. HRC cannot explain why she lied to the families of Americans murdered in Benghazi when she attributed the Libyan embassy attack to a YouTube video.

3. Mrs President Bill Clinton cannot explain why her Clinton Family Foundation spent 26 million dollars in expenses in 2013.

4. Hillary Rodham Clinton cannot explain how she wrested 100,000 dollars from the cattle futures market in 1978, which exceeded the combined income of her and her husband at the time.

5. Chelsea's Mom cannot explain how her daughter financed a 10 million dollar condo in Manhattan.

6. Hillary can't explain why her failed attempt to take over health care in 1993 cost taxpayers 11 million dollars even though she couldn't even get a Democratically-controlled Congress to vote on it when her husband was President at the time.

7. Hill can't explain why, as First Lady, she fired the entire White House travel office in order to bring in her Hollywood cronies to fill the positions and benefit from millions of dollars in Federal contracts.

8. Hillary can't explain her lies told to the media when she bragged about her helicopter landing in Bosnia while taking sniper fire, despite video depicting her strolling across the tarmac to greet a little girl who had written her a poem..

9. HRC's assertion of a "Vast Right Wing Conspiracy" to explain away her husband's sexual indiscretions.

10. Hillary can't explain why she ran for US Senate in a state where she never lived.


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