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Top 5 Conspiracy Theories About Coronavirus

Updated on August 26, 2020
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Khalil is a longtime freelance writer who loves writing about science and debunking conspiracy theories.

The coronavirus pandemic has become the main topic in the conspiracy theory
The coronavirus pandemic has become the main topic in the conspiracy theory | Source

When the coronavirus pandemic hit many countries in the world, the conspiracy theories about it went viral in the social media and got a lot of supporters.

Is the whole thing about the pandemic planned in advance ?, or it’s just a spontaneous event. These are the most common conspiracy theories proposed by the supporters :

  • Dean Koontz has predicted the coronavirus pandemic in his novel The Eyes of Darkness.
  • The medicament companies have developed the coronavirus for a profit purposes.
  • Governments want to eliminate older retired people by using the coronavirus.
  • The US uses the coronavirus as a biological weapon against China.
  • The psychic Sylvia Browne had told a prophecy about the pandemic before it comes.

1- A Thriller Novel Predicted The Coronavirus Pandemic 40 Years Ago!

An American writer named Dean Koontz released in 1981 a novel titled The Eyes of Darkness in which he mentioned the name "Wuhan-400 " as a biological weapon developed by Chinese scientists in their labs outside the city of Wuhan, as shown in the video above. So, do you see the similarities with the novel coronavirus.

In fact the first edition of this novel in 1981 didn't mention " Wuhan-400 " but " Gorki-400 " as a biological weapon developed by Russian outside the city of Gorki, and the author replaced " Gorki-400 " in the edition of 1989. Moreover, there are many differences between the virus of " Wuhan-400" and the novel coronavirus in many characteristics:

  • The Wuhan-400' virus infects the brainstem and causes the hysteria, while the novel coronavirus infects the lungs and causes breathing difficulties.
  • The Wuhan-400' virus kills in 12 hours and has a death rate of almost 100 percent, while the novel coronavirus kills in about 20 days and has a death rate of about 5 to 10 percent.
  • The Wuhan-400' virus cannot stay out of the body more than 1 minute, while the novel coronavirus can stay up to 6 days on the surfaces.

If you still not convinced, then you should know that the novel mentioned paralysis and Parkinson will be cured by 2012 and blindness will be a thing of the past by 2020, none of these came to pass.

Some believe that medicament companies were behind the coronavirus pandemic
Some believe that medicament companies were behind the coronavirus pandemic | Source

2- The Coronavirus Was Developed By Medicaments Companies

Many conspiracists claim that medicaments companies were behind the outbreak of the novel coronavirus and other viruses (Swine flu, Bird flu, SARS) in order to increase their revenues from selling vaccines and medicaments.

As an example a french researcher in a video claimed that the pasture institute in France developed the novel coronavirus and also the treatment in 2004 and registered that under the medicament license "EP1694829B1 ". But, when you check the license you will find that it has declared researches on "SARS covid-1 " one of the coronaviruses family that spread in 2002, and there is nothing related in the licence with the novel coronavirus registered as "covid-2".

For those believing in the responsibility of medicaments companies, the following notes should be taken into consideration first:

  • Many medicaments companies have stopped funding vaccines researches long time ago, because Pulmonary viruses change every year, so any vaccine will be useless and no one will use it let alone buying huge amounts of it.
  • Medical statistics show that viruses kill more those who suffer from chronic diseases. however, this category makes billions of dollars for medicaments companies every year, so any virus outbreak will simply sweep this off.

Old people ranked first for coronavirus victims
Old people ranked first for coronavirus victims | Source

3- The Coronavirus Was Developed To Eliminate Older Retired People

It sounds ridiculous, but this became popular when death rates among older retired people during coronavirus pandemic ranked first, therefore the virus seemed like it was developed for retired people to reduce expenses of states and restore the balance of pension funds.

We should say that no one is immune from infection, as it can kill old people it can also kill many gifted persons of great benefits to states, and also high ranked persons, let alone causes huge economic damages to those states.

Is coronavirus really a biological weapon?
Is coronavirus really a biological weapon? | Source

4- The Coronavirus Is a US Biological Weapon Against China

Zvezda, a news outlet funded by the Russian defence ministry has published an article titled "coronavirus: an American biological warfare against Russia and China".

If you want to believe the previous phrase, then you should first define the characteristic of a virus used as a biological weapon, which will be a kind of this: a deadly one, with a death rate of almost 100 percent, kills in a few days and can live a long time outside the body. It seems that this is not compatible with coronavirus as it mentioned in this table :

The biological weapon
The coronavirus
- a death rate of almost 100 percent
- has a death rate of about 5 to 10 percent
- kills in a few days
- kills in about 20 days
- can live a long time outside the body
- can stay up to 6 days out of the body

So any attempt to make it as a biological weapon will be a needle prick for the Chinese giant.

an excerpt from Sylvia Browne's book shows a prophecy about the novel coronavirus
an excerpt from Sylvia Browne's book shows a prophecy about the novel coronavirus | Source

5- Another Book Predicted Coronavirus Outbreak 12 Years Ago

The psychic Sylvia Browne published in 2008 a book titled End of Days, which contains predictions and prophecies about the end of the world, there is a picture of a page from the book is now viral on social media, it shows this phrase:"in around 2020 a severe pneumonia-like illness will spread throughout the globe, attacking the lungs and the bronchial tubes and resisting all known treatments........... it will suddenly vanish as quickly as it arrived".

Sylvia Browne's book contains many prophecies in which almost all of them didn't fulfilled, leaving the rest with only 'it's look like' and wrong details like "it will suddenly vanish" for the novel coronavirus pandemic (though I wish that). it's all about 'guessing and gambling', nothing more, nothing less.

Do you believe in the conspiracy theories about coronavirus pandemic?

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