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5 Agencies and Programs Trump wants to Defund (POLL)

Updated on March 17, 2017
Lucas W profile image

Lucas is a young man who declares himself as an independent voter. He enjoys martial arts, animation, and music.

Donald Trump, famous for his remarks about Mexican and Islamic immigrants, wants to defund some very important foundations.
Donald Trump, famous for his remarks about Mexican and Islamic immigrants, wants to defund some very important foundations.

1. United States Institute of Peace

Many people are afraid of how President Trump would face a situation where war may be a possible outcome, and by stating that he wants to defund an institute dedicated to non-violence and prevention of deadly conflict, he isn't helping his case.


2. National Endowment for the Arts

The National Endowment for the Arts agency is an independent agency of the United States federal government that offers support and funding for projects showing artistic excellence. This is a worst case scenario for arts groups such as PBS.


3. Institute of Museum and Library Services

Institute of Museum and Library Services is an agency that supports libraries and museums of all types. Defunding them would be a major loss to both youth and adults across the country by denying them access to learn.


4. Corporation for Public Broadcasting

The Corporation for Public Broadcasting is an American non-profit corporation created by an act of the United States Congress and funded by the United States federal government to promote and help support public broadcasting. This includes stations like PBS, who has massive fundraisers to support their channel even before Trump wanted to defund the corporation.


5. NASA Office of Education

The NASA Office of Education supports the work of the Mission Directorates by coordinating projects for students, faculty, and institutions that broaden the base of those who compete for NASA research awards. These efforts will help create and sustain the scientific and engineering workforce of the future. Trump will fail all future scientists if he defunds this program.

Trump's Defund Fun

Do you think Trump should rethink what he wants to defund?

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  • Lucas W profile imageAUTHOR

    Lucas W 

    22 months ago from Hickory NC

    Thank you for the encouraging words. If Trump's budget proposal does get approved there can definitely be some devastating effects, but I've come to trust and accept Trump more than I had in the past. Don't get me wrong, I would prefer to see some better candidates in the next election, but I don't think he will be as bad as we thought. I somewhat trust that Trump can help us begin a path to getting our of our debt, but I am worried how he will represent the United States. Again, thank you for the words of encouragement, I appreciate it.

  • Lucas W profile imageAUTHOR

    Lucas W 

    22 months ago from Hickory NC

    I agree he is doing better than most, including myself, thought he would so far. I do agree that the safety and security is number one. I don't think that these foundations should be placed above the security of our country, I am just upset to see them potentially lose millions. I do understand that point and agree that there are things that should come before these foundations. This post wasn't so much "Impeach Trump" as it was more like "I'd be sad to see them go." I appreciate you being very civil in your comment, and for appreciating my concerns, thank you.

  • DICESI profile image


    22 months ago from New York

    Don't allow people to bully you. Great article! Trump's budget proposal will have devastating effects on many of his supporters and they refuse to acknowledge it. Continue to speak out or speak up when you disagree or agree. Fight for the future and the country you want to live in. Keep writing!

  • fpherj48 profile image


    22 months ago from Beautiful Upstate New York

    Lucas, "very important foundations," I will grant you. Now, let's view this all within the "Big Picture." shall we? Prez Trump, being in the infancy of his term, can be said to have gotten off to a very good start. It's clear his priorities have been focused upon many of the vital issues that were brought up, discussed and debated on end during the campaign.

    Considering the safety and security of the USA, as a nation could easily be Number One necessity, its follows as we think our way down this list of priorities, it is an incredibly long distance before we reach your list of foundations. Are you willing to agree?

    Please consider being patient for the time being. When more and more of our country's major needs are underway to solutions, the great foundations will begin to recover their funding and be back in business. I can appreciate your concerns.

  • DougClifton profile image

    Larry Douglas Clifton 

    22 months ago from Tampa Bay area

    Snowflakes need to hunker down...this is gonna be a long ride.


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