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Top 5 Facts About Terrorism

Updated on October 25, 2017
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Gaurav Verma is a creative an Automobile Engineer also a creative Technical writer.

It is a horrible and continuous phenomenon that it plagues mankind regularly. In this article, we list our top 5 choices of provocative facts about terrorism. Discussions on terrorism happen in the newspapers, classrooms, dining tables and knowledge about history, meaning and philosophy may be important in forming your opinion.

Terrorism, a global issue.
Terrorism, a global issue. | Source

Number 5: "There is no exact definition of terrorism."

What kind of terrorist are you? Who said we are terrorists? The word "terrorism" is much more likely to be used politically than empirically. That it happens because its definition is fluid. With the FBI stating that violent acts and law enforcement against human life and the intention to coerce civilian populations or government policies are the main characteristics of terrorism. Dai, it just depends on how you look at the situation in several cases. For example, during the election of President Reagan, the Afghan Mujahideen group received US aid to fight against the Soviet Union. They were called after "freedom warriors". Decades later, a new generation of Afghan warriors has emerged which is unanimously called of terrorists in the West. Recently, after the July 26 shooting in Dallas, police and white house refused to label "terrorist" the shooter Micah Xavier Johnson because he was not connected to the foreign terrorist organizations. When the negotiations failed, more shots were fired. That's when the police decided to with the impasse when sending a robot like that.

Terrorist attacks
Terrorist attacks | Source

Number 4: "Terrorism comes from the right and left extremists."

As mentioned earlier, "terrorism" may high-level word and tragic events can be used to point out political wing mistakes. President Obama is "directly responsible for the Orlando shooting because Obama allowed the ISIS during his term. "The truth is that there are numerous examples of terrorism coming from extremists on both sides. World Church of the Creator and the Aryan Nations fight for supremacy racial and small government. With violence being used, sometimes as a starting point. On the other hand, leftist extremists such as the Zapatista National Liberation Army and the Frontier of Earth Liberation struggle to protect people from capitalism and imperialism. There is also a third type known as "Special Interest Terrorism," which focuses on a specific problem rather than a broader political revolution. However, the two get mixed up sometimes. Sometimes when you see things you love being destroyed, you just want to destroy those things.

Terrorism | Source

Number 3: "Most terrorist attacks happen in only a few countries."

In 2012 a study of the University of Maryland has noted that there are more than 15,000 attacks per year caused by terrorist acts. Although this number is disturbing, the principal is to see where these attacks happened. Pakistan, Iraq, and Afghanistan have claimed almost 54% of attacks and 58% of deaths. Terrorism is a concern understandable by many, but in reality, most of the countries are far from danger. Statistics of the Center show that Americans are 35,000 times more likely to die from heart disease than from terrorist acts.

Number 2: "Counter-terrorism can make their own form of terrorism.

"These people, they swore to destroy us. We will have peace, for now, we have to show them that we are strong. Richard Jackson, a professor at UCLA, argues that there are four conditions that make acts of counter-terrorism in acts of terrorism: failure to distinguish innocent from guilty, highly disproportionate acts of response, intimidation of a broader population, and specific political objectives or all factors that may result in a different type of terrorism coming from the rulers. When children from other say that we made them fear the heavens, maybe it's time to ask us hard questions. Counter-terrorist acts in Tunisia are examples of this: In 2014, an ISIS suicide attack to a transport of Security Forces resulted in an excessive response that held about 1% of the population in the first half of 2015.

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Number 1: "Some philosophers believe that terrorism can be morally justifiable. "

Violence can be used for good. - What are you talking? Justice. It would be difficult to debate in our media and political channels change from "this attack was terrorism?" to "this terrorist attack has justification?". But it is precisely this question that some philosophers sometimes ask. It is in our interest to deny that it can never be justifiable to kill you and you and people like us, and how most people are like us, it is of interest to us all. Groups have riots like the Italian Red Brigade for a long time follow the doctrine of what violence should be used when it is the most effective and essential instrument with which the revolution would not succeed if it were absent. Consequentialist philosophers, such as Kai Nielsen, believed that the question of terrorist acts was justified or not should be answered based on their consequences, independent whether the victims were innocent or not. Others argue that innocent people are never justifiable since terrorists always have the alternative of attacking your enemy's military sites. This debate has interpretations and facets and barely scratched the surface here. Some people say they do not we can afford to be civilized. I always resisted to these people (opinions). But I do not know who these maniacs are and where they come from. So, the comments section of YouTube maybe be one of the worst places to discuss it, but who cares, do you think terrorism can never be morally justifiable? It's like the revolutionary war: the terrorist one is the patriot of another, am I wrong?


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