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Top 8 spy tools!

Updated on July 6, 2015

Bulgarian Umbrella

The Bulgarian Umbrella was an umbrella (Spy weapon) which injected a small poisonous pellet containing ricin.The umbrella was used in the assassination of the Bulgarian dissident writer Georgi Markov. It was then later used on at the Bulgarian dissident journalist Vladimir Kost.These assassinations where thought to be organized by the Bulgarian secret service.

The Bulgarian Umbrella

Cellular Jammers

Cellular Jammers are used to block your cellular connection. It would be used to stop another spy from sending information to there boss. Or to prank the new neighbors. You can actually own a cellular jammer!

Night vision goggles

Night vision goggles collect all visible light including infrared light. Night vision goggles may seem childish now a days but they are important for spies who work at night.Night vision devices were introduced to the world like many other things in World War II but become more used during the Vietnam War.Being able to see in the dark is a major advantage against enemy spies especially if they cant.

The type of night vision devices used on the battle field.
The type of night vision devices used on the battle field.

Lipstick pistol

This spy tool relies on the power of disguise.Its 4.5 millimeter and only delivers a single-shots so the spy using it had to be a good aimer. It was supposedly taken from a KGB agent in the mid-1960s.The lipstick pistol currently resides at the Jiangsu National Security Education Museum (Which does not allow foreigners in due to security reasons).A female spy would most likely use this and pretend she needed to use her lipstick then in a split second aim the lipstick pistol and kill the target.

A lipstick pistol
A lipstick pistol

Exploding rats

Now this one may sound weird but it is in fact real.The exploding rat was introduced in World War II by Britain's Special Operations Executive (SOE). Who made a clever plan to blow up enemy boilers by hiding exploding rats in German coal piles. Supposedly, an unsuspecting enemy would simply toss the dead rat into the nearby fire to dispose of the body and it would explode. This is one of the best plans carried out in World War II.

Exploding chocolate

During World War II Adolf Hitler had his bomb makers make a chocolate which was coated with explosive devices with a thin layer of rich dark chocolate. They then packaged it in black and gold paper.They also branded the chocolate Peters Chocolate. But the plot was foiled by British spies who discovered the chocolate was being made and tipped off by Lord Victor Rothschild. This event is what made the name for the dessert "death by chocolate".

Pistol glove

Another Spy tool introduced at The time of the World War II the Pistol glove could be fired with the twitch of a finger. It gave the wearer the ability to get within point blank range before firing a lethal shot the capacity of the gun was only a single shot though and it wouldn't be a good weapon to use if the target had security with guns.This weapon is not really effective in assassinations and the shooter would need to be close to the target. This weapon currently resides at the National World War II Museum in New Orleans.

The Pistol glove
The Pistol glove

Phone stun gun

Its a case for your phone that includes a stun and a extra battery and it is legal to own for self defense. its a modern day spy tool to protect your self and your also could give you extra phone time with the extra battery bonus. no burglar would suspect that your phone could stun them. Therefore it seems almost harmless until you use it. one of the cons is that it does add bulk to your phone.It is a great investment in safety and you could purchase one at

Video by Sourcefed

Thank you for reading this and please leave suggestions in the comments or email me at . I had a fun time making this and would love to make more and hopefully get paid for making these articles. check out my last one of Not known myths!

Which spy tool is your favorite?

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