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Top 7 Non-Profit Organizations in Pakistan

Updated on March 30, 2017

Currently, a number of Non-Profit Organizations in Pakistan are working diligently to facilitate the underprivileged community. Each charity business has a different agenda and a plan to facilitate the less fortunate according to their means and resources. Below is the list of the top 7 NGOs in Pakistan running actively to date.

1. Darul Sakun

Darul Sakun Helping the Disabled Thrive

This charity organization is focused on providing the mentally and physically disabled people with a safe and sound living environment. Darul Sakun ensures to provide all the disabled with multiple opportunities to participate in the society to help them feel like a normal person.

2. Aurat Foundation

Aurat Foundation Is the Name of Women Empowerment

Having its headquarter in Islamabad, the Aurat Foundation is among the few NGOs in Pakistan that are solely focused on fighting for women rights. This foundation is recognized nationally and internationally for helping women lead their lives with self-respect and dignity.

3. Ansar Burney Trust

Ansar Burney Trust Facilitating the Less Fortunate since the 80s

Running actively since 1980, this charitable organization claims to be the best human and civil rights organization whose main agenda is to spread awareness regarding social injustice and to focus on the rehabilitation and treatment process of the ailing humanity.

4. Bilqees Sarwar Foundation

Bilqees Sarwar Foundation is Among the Best Non-Profit Organizations in Pakistan

Ranging from free scholarships to financial aid and free eye care and dialysis treatment at their Bilqees Sarwar Hospital, this family-run charity is reaching newer heights every day. This Non-Profit organization in Pakistan started off nationally and garnered the international status in a very short period of time. Their mission is to provide quality healthcare facilities through state of the art amenities and the best team of medical professionals.

5. Chhipa Welfare Association

Chhipa Welfare Association Providing Unwanted Children with A Home

Chhipa Dastarkhwan, graveyard, ambulance and cradle services are a few initiatives by this NGO that are solely aimed to provide the helpless with the right kind of financial and physical support when in need. Mr. Chhipa believes in serving the humanity through thick and thin.

6. Sahara Trust

Sahara For Life Trust Serving the Health and Education Sector

The singer turned philanthropist, Mr. Abrar Ul Haq has given the people of Pakistan a new ray of hope in the form of the Sughra Shafi Medical Complex along with the Sahara Diagnostic and Research Center and the Sahara Medical College.

7. Alkhidmat Foundation

Alkhidmat Foundation Working for Multiple Causes at Once

This is among the few non-profit organizations in Pakistan to be specializing in providing the best disaster management facilities during all sorts of calamities. The NGO also has its branches in promoting free education, healthcare and clean water.

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