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Top Ten Cities or City Population

Updated on October 31, 2010

The City Way of Life

Top Ten Cities Population

It's amazing how many people in the world don't know what the top ten cities population is! I've gathered a list here for everyone that's searching for the answer on this topic.

There are so many fantastic cities in this world, the top ten cities population is rounded up below but let's look at the top three cities for a moment:

Top Ten Cities Population City One: Mumbai, the biggest city in the world is found in india, with 13,662,885 people and 21, 665 kms

Top Ten Cities Population City Two: Karachi, Found in Pakistan, this city has 12,130,000 at time of survey and only 3,957 square kms!

Top Ten Cities Population City Three: Istanbul,Turkey is the home of this city with the area for this city to be found at 6,211 km2

Last 7 of the Top Ten Cities Population

  • Delhi, India Population 11,325,124 Area 11,500

  • Sao Paulo,Brazil Population 10,886,518 Area 7,148

  • Moscow, Russia Population 10,452,000 Area 9,644

  • Seoul, South Korea Population 10,356,202 Area 17,213

  • Shanghai, China Population 10,231,000 Area 4,991

  • Mexico City, Mexico Population 8,609,347 Area 12,738

  • Jakarta, Indonesia Population 8,576,788 Area 12,738

Area is judged in Kilometres squared

Which City is Your Favorite Top Ten City?

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    • profile image

      shahid 8 years ago

      on which number is karachi please tell me

    • profile image

      iqbal8359 9 years ago

      karachi is my favourite karachi mayor is very good administrator i like karachi

    • Listessa profile image

      Listessa 9 years ago from Your Sub-conscious

      I would love to go to Seoul in South Korea myself, so I guess that's my fav from this list!


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