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Top Ten News on Trump Not Reported by the Media

Updated on October 14, 2019
jackclee lm profile image

Jack is a volunteer at the CCNY Archives. Before retiring, he worked at IBM for over 28 years. His articles have over 120,000 views.


If you are a regular audience of the broadcast or cable news channel, or you read the major newspapers like the New York Times and Washington would have a very negative opinion of President Trump. It was reported that 90% of the coverage on Trump was negative. How can that be?

- Oct. 2019


In a discussion forum right here on HubPages, one hubber suggested that one reason is that Trump was so bad as president, the reporting reflects his performance in office.

I challenged him to come up with some real data to back up his claim. This article is a response to him.

I am going to list some top 10 most ignored news in the past year. In a way, I am doing the job of the media. For one reason or another, they don’t think it is news unless it is a scandal about Trump.

There is a reason trust in the news media is at a all time low. Besides the bias reporting, we are also seeing yellow journalism treated as breaking news.

Between the media, and celebrities and the Democratic resistance, and the “deep state”, and the intelligence agencies, and the RINO GOP members of Congress and the Washington have to wonder how does anything gets done by Trump.

Here Are Top 10 Lists...

  • the Courts
  • the Economy
  • Opioid crisis
  • prison reform
  • trade negotiations
  • exposing corruption
  • Rebuilding the military
  • Infrastructure
  • veterans affair
  • draining the swamp in DC

The Courts...

Besides appointing conservative justices to the Supreme court, Trump has appointed over 100 lower court judges to the bench. These will have tremendous impact on our legal system long term. The liberal left cannot use the court to get their way anymore.

The Economy...

Trump has reverse the tide on out sourcing and manufacturing jobs going overseas. He has created 6 million new jobs and brought back over 10,000 factories to America.

Opioid Crisis

Trump has put the spotlight on the current Opioid epidemic. Trump has declared a National Health Emergency regard to the Opioid epidemic.

Prison Reform

Trump has signed legislation to reform our prison incarceration system. This has helped many low level drug offenders and reduced their prison sentences.

Trade Negotiations

Trump has worked to renegotiate our one-sided trade deals. This was long overdue. Our economy and jobs and trade balance are all linked to these policies which in many cases were biased against the American consumer and workers and farmers. These new deals will make a level playing field where everyone can compete on the same level.

These temporary tariffs against China are just the negotiation tactics to get the people‘s attention and bring them to the bargaining table. Some short term pain may be felt but long term gains is worth the effort.

Exposing Corruption

The Attorney General is in the process of investigating what went wrong in the independent counsel investigation into Russian Collusion. There were many irregularities in how the 2016 election was conducted. The agencies of our government was used to investigate and spy on a presidential candidate from the opposing party. This should never happen again to any candidate for high office. The integrity of our election process cannot be undermined.

Rebuilding The Military

After 8 years of spending cuts to the military, we are finally re-building our military. We have also started a new Space Force. We are also looking to return to the moon and beyond. America and Trump is a strong believer in peace through strength.

Infrastructure...and the Wall

Trump is working to fix our roads and bridges and airports...He is also building the wall in our southern borders as he promised. It is slower than I would like to see due the the opposition from the House of Representatives under Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

Veterans Affair

Trump has passed legislation to allow Veterans to see Doctors outside the over burdened VA system. This will reduce wait time for veterans seeking medical help.

Drain the Swamp

Trump was elected as an outsider to the power structure in DC. He has said on numerous occasions that we need to drain the swamp that is entrenched in DC. Since elected, many congressmen from both parties has elected to not run for re-election. This is a good thing. We need new blood in the halls of Congress. Also, many political appointments has been fired or replaced. Some are being investigated for corruption. This is only a start. Much more needs to be done to get the system cleaned up. Too much influence by lobbies and families of Congressmen that distorts our democracy. Influence peddling is a big part of the symptom that is wrong in DC.


President Trump in a few short years of his first term has become one of the most consequential president in modern history. His accomplishments are numerous. Despite attacks on a daily basis from the media and the Democrats, he is getting the job done for the America people.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2019 Jack Lee


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    • jackclee lm profile imageAUTHOR

      Jack Lee 

      17 months ago from Yorktown NY

      Rachelle, you are injecting identity politics to this discussion. Just because I am not one of the sub groups you mention, does not mean I am oblivious to what tis happening. For example, I am not a veteran, but I am concerned about what is going on with the VA and how they have mistreated our veterans.

      I want you to be specific about your gripes.

      It was announce in a recent poll that Trump is getting 35% approval among African American community. That is tremendous, and good news which you will not hear from the main stream media...

      How are Blacks, Women and Gays hurt by the policies of the Trump Administration?

    • Rachelle Williams profile image

      Rachelle Williams 

      17 months ago from Tempe, AZ

      Well Jack, I respectfully disagree with you on most of your points. And, since you're neither black, female, nor gay (I presume, because I don't know how many gay people are shouting the praises of President Trump) you can rest in the knowledge that you will always remain unaffected, so you can be blind to his major flaws.

    • jackclee lm profile imageAUTHOR

      Jack Lee 

      17 months ago from Yorktown NY

      Rachelle, I respectively disagree. The good that Trump has done is mostly beneficial to all people. For example, when the economy is booming, and the stock market hits new highs, it helps all Americans with jobs, and pay increases and higher 401k balances...

      Those are what the media ignore or do not give credit where credit is due. You have to be more specific about some of your grievances. I do not see how trump has hurt the races, or women or the LGBTQ community.

    • Rachelle Williams profile image

      Rachelle Williams 

      17 months ago from Tempe, AZ

      I see that your article is about media bias against Trump, and you're probably right about that

      However, to put it into perspective, your list of Trump's "positive points" is akin to someone listing the good points about Adolf Hitler or Pol Pot, which I'm sure they actually did have good points, but they can't possibly have outweighed the bad points, so you might have trouble finding many intelligent people or institutions (ie: the media) outlining the good points of those who generally lack content of character or for an individual who's history reflects is a racist, lecherous, sexist, graceless buffoon.

    • Rochelle Frank profile image

      Rochelle Frank 

      17 months ago from California Gold Country

      If we are objective we can all see that there is good and bad in an person and any leader. I personally do not "like " President Trump. He has flaws like every ordinary person. I do think he is doing a good overall job for the country. On thing I do like about him is that he says what he thinks. I may agree or disagree, but at least I know what he thinks. He is consistent and straightforward in speaking his mind. This is not the norm for the average politician who plays to a certain audience and changes his/her views according to time. place and whim.

    • jackclee lm profile imageAUTHOR

      Jack Lee 

      17 months ago from Yorktown NY

      rachelle, my article is more about media bias than individual feelings.

      I will ask who are you referring to? which individual do not support race, gender or sexual orientation?

    • Rachelle Williams profile image

      Rachelle Williams 

      17 months ago from Tempe, AZ

      Some of us don't have the luxury of seeing the good in any person who clearly does not support their race, gender or sexual orientation....

    • jackclee lm profile imageAUTHOR

      Jack Lee 

      19 months ago from Yorktown NY

      Marie, I agree. It used to be our disputes stop at our borders. We supported the President on Foreign policy.

      That is no longer the case. We have some in the Democratic party that actually believe President Trump is working for the Russians.

    • Marie Flint profile image

      Marie Flint 

      19 months ago from Jacksonville, FL USA

      Thank you for this information, Jack. The reporting, indeed, has been biased in television news.

      While I may not be voting for Trump, I strongly believe that whoever is president of our country needs support by the American people to maintain our freedoms and have a healthy system.

      From what you have described here, Trump is doing a good job in spite of his personality quirks and lack of D.C. experience as a public servant.

      It will be an interesting election in 2020.


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