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Tories Drop Thatcher, Single Market and Sovereignty of Parliament

Updated on January 21, 2017

Theresa The Unelected delivered a massive and impressive Red White and Blue two finger salute to Parliament when she chose to reveal some of her Brexit plan not in Parliaments but from a Lectern in Lancaster House, the very place where St Margaret Thatcher of the Tory church of Elitism and Oppression outlined the idea of a single market in 1988, thus delivering a similar reverse victory sign to the memory of the Blessed Margaret.

Then she underlined Parliament’s irrelevance by saying that even if Parliament votes against Brexit the UK will leave the EU, no longer accept the jurisdiction of the European Court of Justice and leave the Single Market, the institution for which Thatcher worked so hard. She then announced her demands, while her ministers issued threats against the EU, all backed by the overwhelming might of the British Empire.

She managed the amazing feat of simultaneously insulting Parliament, dropping Margaret Thatcher from the Tory Pantheon, dismissing the sovereignty of Parliament and offending Europe. As a bonus she showed her contempt for Scotland, implicitly disregarded the result of next week’s Supreme Court judgment and made the breakup of the UK (BRUK) more likely. All this for the most important goal of all: the preservation of Theresa May’s political career and the secondary goal of abolishing human and workers rights in the UK.

Believe nothing till its officially denied
Believe nothing till its officially denied

Tory Lie no 1,000,0000,001

Before the EU vote senior leave campaigner David Hannah said Nobody was thinking of leaving the single market, a remark reminiscent of East Germany’s Walter Ulbricht saying “Nobody is thinking of building a wall” a couple of days before the Berlin wall sprouted up overnight.

Believe nothing until it is officially denied

One could be charitable (but why?) and assume that this was the situation at the time he made this remark, or that he was not told the real intention was to leave the Single Market but it should have been obvious to anyone other than a halfwit taking LSD that restricting freedom of movement and staying in the Single Market were incompatible. Unfortunately the vast majority of the Tory Party their red rosetted mirror images in the party formerly known as Labour and the more rabid Brexiteers match this description perfectly.

England's promise to Scotland after independence
England's promise to Scotland after independence

Labour Votes With The SNP

The second step to recovery for an alcoholic is when they refuse a drink without mentally saying “Later”. The first is to admit to having a problem.

There was a Holyrood political earthquake, insensible from Westminster as Labour voted with the SNP and Greens on an SNP motion to for Scotland to stay in the Single Market. Perhaps, to be optimistic, Scottish “Labour” took the second step in recovering from addiction to SNP BAAHD, though it would be great if they could take the first step then move into therapy eventually returning to purely social opposition. More probably, given that their puppet masters in Westminster have hinted they will want to vote with the government on Article 50, Scottish Labour will condemn the motion for which they voted. That may be the final U-Turn after which they disappear up their own fundamental orifice before exploding and covering everyone around them with Unionist/Brexit vows and stupefaction.

Inching Towards Independence

Labour, outside the leadership, and the main stream media are slowly moving away from opposition to independence, with, for example, former “labour” MP Eric Joyce saying, in the Scotsman of all places, that he would vote yes in a second referendum since the factors that made him vote NO in 2014 have changed.

The Mainstream Media and others in the Scottish Establishment are also inching away from Unionism but are not yet ready to admit the changes since 2014 and say “My name is X and I am a Unionist”.

A Bank Run

After the Unelected One’s speech big banks began announcing plans to leave the City of London, at best leaving a skeleton staff there with skeleton wages and bonuses. The possibility of a decent city like Frankfurt becoming overrun with unhappy British Bankers complaining about the food and the weather does temper any desire to visit Europe in the future.

It was not a good week for banking in Scotland as the Clydesdale Bank announced a number of branch closures and the Airdrie savings bank announced it would close. The Clydesdale bank issued warning about the cost of Independence in 2014 but it seems this was a prophecy of the cost of UK “independence” from Europe.

Timing of the Next Referendum and Campaigning Ideas

An Independence Referendum will not, and should not, take place in 2017, especially as some Unionist politicians and papers are calling for a snap referendum, but is being pencilled in for late 2018. It is definitely, as many have realised, time to campaign and the questions are the timing and how to campaign.

Autumn 2018 is probably the earliest safe date. By then the Brexit manure will have well and truly hit the fan and the comfortable people who voted to remain in the Union for fear of change will be faced with the reality that staying in the Union will be more dangerous than Independence, the YES movement will (hopefully) have a clear plan for the currency issue and backing for it in Holyrood. Ideally there will be similar plans for Pensions and Oil, including an Oil Fund and contingency plans, now the world is moving towards renewables which will bring the price of oil down, though there is still a market for oil derived products (Plan B might be to GOVE, sorry GIVE the Oil to Westminster but charge Oil companies vast rents for their rigs in Scottish waters and for transporting oil to England).

The YEs movement must adopt unusual campaigning methods. It is many billboard companies will not accept YES adverts even if the money is available and one option might be crowdfunding for purchase of suitable small spots of vacant land in which they erect their own billboard. Mobile billboard vans with slogans like Vote YES to keep your pension or Vote for Independence to Keep the Scottish Parliament. Another option is to crowdfund pro independence adverts on Google and other search engines thus ensuring Pro-independence messages appear at the top of page one of Google.

Above all else, the Independence movement must be seen to be larger than the SNP and the public must understand that the SNP do not own Independence and will either change or die after Independence. Hopefully the Scottish government will offer a referendum on EU and Single Market membership after independence which will bring on board voters who are against Independence only because it means remaining in the EU.

Independence is coming. Only the timing and manner of achieving it are uncertain. The YES movement could still snatch defeat from the jaws of victory and it is better to be pessimistic and win the vote than optimistic and lose.

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  4. The Secretary of State for English Interests in Scotland has made statements that could be interpreted as an intention to dissolve Holyrood after Brexit and when asked if his job was to defend Scotland in the Westminster Cabinet replied “No”. Dissolving Holyrood would require repeal of the Scotland Act but Labour would vote for that.


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