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Train crash in Cardiff

Updated on March 23, 2013

Police officers confirm two people died in the accident. Thirteen are in serious condition, and are being taken to the University Hospital of Wales, Cardiff.

Whilst Leigh Jones, a member of the public, was standing on St. Mary’s street, he receives a phone call saying a train has left the rails near Cardiff Central Station.

‘I heard a massive crash and saw sparks fly up near the bridge that goes over the street’, he said. ‘There is a large crowd of people gathering around now. I can hear sirens.’

Arriva Trains Wales say the four-carriage train is the 6.15pm from Newport to Swansea. It had stopped at Queen Street, and was travelling to Cardiff Central Station.

Police confirm a train has left the rails east of the station. Two carriages have come to rest on the bridge.

Twitter is a buzz with pictures of the bridge where a carriage can be seen propped up on its side. The side of the bridge is bulging.

A journalist has climbed up to the top of the Media Wales building, and says he can see two upright and two on their side.

Adam Jenkins claims to be in one of the upright carriages. He said: “A lot of shaking then the carriage in front was ripped away from us. Can hear a lot of screams, people in the train panicking trying to get out”

Network Rail say they now believe the crash was caused by the collapsed of a retaining wall between both sets of tracks. This wall has previously collapsed in the past, causing no damage but forcing them to close the valley line for 14 days while it was repaired.

They say the bad weather may be responsible. All trains to and from the station have been cancelled.

Rescue services do not have access to the second carriage. Many more are still trapped.

Local Assembly Member, Jenny RT Davies said, “It is of great concern that the wall has previously collapsed and that it has happened again. Network Rail has questions to answer.”

Network Rail says engineers are at the scene, and are trying to find out what happened. The press office speculates the crash may be due to a faulty set of points.

There is a large queue outside Cardiff Central Station as Wales and England fans try to catch a train to make their way home.

National Rays have closed the south end of St. Mary’s street to pedestrians. So they said buses are being routed to take fans that have been stranded at Cardiff Central Station home.


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    • always exploring profile image

      Ruby Jean Fuller 4 years ago from Southern Illinois

      Interesting account of a tragic accident. Thank's for sharing...