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Trapped Miners in Chile Rescue News - Chilean Mine Diagram

Updated on December 13, 2010
Diagram of the Rescue Attempts for the Chile Trapped Miners
Diagram of the Rescue Attempts for the Chile Trapped Miners

2010 Copiapó mining accident

33 miners in Chile are trapped the San Jose Mine in Copiapo Chile. They are approximately 700 meters below ground and around 5 kilometers from the mine entrance. There have been a lot of problems with the mine before and a lot are wondering why the mine was never closed down even when the owners knew that it was already so unstable. Even their government has advised the mine owners of the mine's roof to be reinforced.

Now, rescue attempts and operations are ongoing and they are estimating that it will take 3 to 4 months before the miners will be rescued. Imagine 33 people are trapped in a small and confined place and will have to endure for almost around 100 days. Good thing they have found a way to communicate with the outside world and now there is this small pipe where food and their other needs are being passed to them.

copiapo chile miners rescue

The miners have been trapped in the mine since August 5 2010. People are transferring a very powerful drill from another mine that they are planning to use to create two new tunnels going to the trapped miners. One will be used to improve the ventilation of their shelter and another will be used to rescue the trapped miners. The problem though is that the tunnel that will be used to rescue the miners might be too small for some of the people that are trapped and so there will be exercise routines that will be conducted for those in the mine that have a waistline that is over 35 inches.

When the miners were first found to be alive and first communicated with the outside world, they sang the Chile national anthem that increased the morale of the rescuers and the relatives of those who are trapped. They also send letters to relatives above ground from time to time through the same way that their food is brought to them. They are being supplied with food and hydration tablets and also oxygen capsules that will ensure their survival. 

Relatives of Miners Trapped in Chile
Relatives of Miners Trapped in Chile

Miners found alive in Chile

The shelter where the trapped miners are staying have very high temperatures and humidity. They say that it can reach up to 35 degrees centigrade. In spite of all these, they have reported little medical problems and have kept a high morale. Soon, normal food will be delivered to them through the shaft that will take 1 hour to reach the miners. There will also be microphones that will be sent that will allow the miners to talk to their families and friends that are aboveground.

Psychiatrists are constantly working with the trapped miners to monitor their psychological states. The drilling will begin very soon. They are just waiting for the plans to be finished on where to drill and the route in order to avoid future collapses because of the drilling.


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