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Traveling by Train in Europe : Travel Within Europe by Train

Updated on August 30, 2012
German ICE high speed passenger train (a form of multiple unit, picture courtesy of wikipedia
German ICE high speed passenger train (a form of multiple unit, picture courtesy of wikipedia

Traveling by train in Europe

Traveling by train is an awesome experience as you can see the beauty of the sceneries and gives you time to relax more while traveling. It is one way of appreciating the beauty of the new place you are visiting.

I had the opportunity to travel many places around the world and I enjoyed traveling within areas around a certain place by train. I always anticipate riding in train when I go to a certain place.

What is a train?

Train is a series of rail transport that is usually connected along a track, and use to ferry people to and from destination. It is also used for freight to transpose to another place. It has usually monorail or maglev guide way. Movement of the train is provided by a different locomotive or form individual motors in self propelled multiple units. Most of trains are powered by electricity, although during the 19th to the 20th century the steam locomotive was the dominant form of locomotive power.

Steam locomotive-hauled passenger train (picture courtesy of wikipedia)
Steam locomotive-hauled passenger train (picture courtesy of wikipedia)

The word 'train' comes from the Old French “trahiner“ itself from Latin meaning “trahere” to draw or pull.There are many different kinds of train, single unit diesel rail car,an electric locomotive-hauled freight train, high-speed passenger train (a form of multiple unit) intercity train, and steam locomotive hauled- passenger train.

In some parts of the world in Asian countries like India, Japan, Singapore and Hong Kong and in United States and Europe, they have a very nice train system. In particular, intercity trains are awesome in these places.

Travel by train

Traveling by train is a lovely experience.

I always enjoy looking at sceneries outside the train specially the rolling hills and the trip to the countryside. I just love the lush and green I see everywhere plus you have the opportunity to look at how they build their houses, trees and plantation. That is why traveling during the summer in a particular place is awesome. Just looking at the tulips plantation along the plains in Leiden, Netherlands is awesome when you ride a train.

Traveling from airport to the place of your destination

Usually when you arrived in an airport, you have the choice of either to ride either taxi, bus or the train system to your place of destination. I always choose to ride the train as I want to see the places immediately.

In Europe you can travel in any place as long as they belong to the (Economic Union). Your visa for one country is valid as long as they belong to EU. Train is the most convenient way to travel around Europe specially if you are on tours. You can travel by train inter country and within the country. I traveled down Lourdes to Tours France and then back to Paris by train. I went to Brussels, Frankfurt, Germany, Netherlands (Amsterdam and Rotterdam) by train and down the southern part of Europe, Barcelona, Spain and Rome, Italy.

How do you go about traveling by train in Europe?

  • Sort out your budget
  • Decide on the place you are going to go by securing a map of Europe
  • Get a brochure and schedule of train
  • Decide whether you are going to buy the Europass -- it is a pass valid for three months and it is unlimited -- can be used for travel anywhere Europe or you will just buy train ticket in each of your destinations. If you are going to many places it is advisable to buy the Europass.

From Paris to London and London to Brussels

There is a bullet train from Paris going to London and it was an awesome experience riding that. The speed is awesome and within two and half hours you are already there. You can ride the Eurostar -- It is the high-speed passenger train from London to Paris & Brussels via the Channel Tunnel, run by a consortium of French railways (SNCF), Belgian railways (SNCB) & Eurostar UK Ltd. I rode the Eurostar when I went from London to Brussels.


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