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Treason U.S.A. Style

Updated on December 4, 2018
The0NatureBoy profile image

Studying the Constitution began late in the 1980s after many false Religious Habit arrests in Louisiana with Elijah's seeking compensation.

Everything Happens For A Reason - Destiny Joy Clark

The Coming Of America

From Genesis through Revelation are prophetic types reveling nations and types of the United States of America's being disunited because of money. Money's only value is for controlling people when we consider human, woman and man are animals [mobile beings] with man hairy and living as individual nomads as many other Mammals do. Pre-civilization girls built ground nests for leaving their babies to gathered their own consumables who returned to them as needed to nurse them. Once the child learned to walk they followed their mothers until adolescence at which time they went their own individual ways.

The Garden in Eden story presents Adam as a boy conditioned from childhood into being territorial where an adolescent girl found him. Just before her arrival a dream of a person coming out of him caused his renaming them both woman because to have someone woven from another leaves both being woven from beings. That garden's evicting event led to the lost of woman's body hairs because they did not know how to mate which made them too ashamed to ask the voice how, so the hair was removed. That developed into civilization with some woman governing other woman.

Being territorial the nomad sons of god found the woman and married their children that made the woman's parents the tribe’s chiefs that grew into villages changed the rulers into kings and queens. As more villages grew more families relocated to become tribes that became villages, cities, states and finally nations. The multiplying into nations all over the earth was called Noah’s flood because only his family survive - lived in the Ark (law) of the Covenant were sons of god as the ethnics - in four locations, Noah the Asians, Japheth the Native Americans, Ham the Australians and Shem the Europeans with each group of woman having a time to govern the world.

Now that we are about a decade from the civilization's termination the United States of America has manifested as the prophecies described the world's ending Dis-United States of America where woman from the earth over are reuniting is in the early stage of perfection their union once the son of man to sit in the President’s seat and bring peace into existence. Trump has proven there is nothing united within this nation which is the purpose for Washington’s words, let us raise a standard only the wise and honest can repair, the event is in the hands of God. That is because only the son of man is wise enough to implement the Constitution that’s prophetically called the rod of iron.

Marvin Gaye - Inner City Blues

Readers Be Warned...

If we do nothing about these atrocities found here we are as guilty as the governors are, therefore I admonish We The People to stand united as a people and terminate those responsible for the Misleading this nation into un-united nation. Look at how the Constitution say concerning everyone who has knowledge of any act of Treason who do nothing about it so you can know if you read this and do nothing you have committed treason yourself.

The United States Constitution's Article 3, Section 3, Paragraph 3 reads: Treason against the United States, shall consist only in levying war against them, or in adhering to their enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort. No Person shall be convicted of Treason except on the testimony of two Witnesses to the same overt Act, or on Confession in open Court.

Edwin Starr - War & Peace

Treason U.S.A. Style

Today has a War on Drugs that is exclusively for punishing none Government officials who Distribute, Possess or Sale government provided drugs to people it deems illegal as most drugs should be. That 1971 War Declared punishes not only by imprisoning people but allows confiscating their property without Just Compensation. The Just Compensation clause is still in my Constitution therefore all past and present Congressman, Presidents, Law Enforcers, prosecuting Judges, DAs, Defense Attorneys and Sheriff Departments responsible for their apprehension and detention has committed Perjury for violating their Oath and the Correctors committed Treason for they part in the War against The People of the United Stats of America.

Most Street Drugs are imported and distributed to Street Distributors by the CIA and FBI. The earliest FBI example I know of distributed drugs to the African-American Community during the 1960s to weaken the power of the Black Panthers. The CIA’s is the well-publicized Iran-Contra-Affair’s that imported drugs from the Contras, sold them to street distributors in the United States then bought weapons they sold Iran to do other covert operations with the money. Since Congress declared that war and all Presidents and congressman have justified it it is treason.

Any Overt Government Operation against We The People is TREASON and all officials who took the oath to protect the Constitution from Enemies, foreign and domestic, since then should be imprisoned for Treason. The above article reads any two governed people may write a Partition showing Treason has been leaved against America's people for clearing the government of such corruption. Again, Congress declared it, the President signed it and the above list of government approved personnel executed it is why all of them should be serving life in prison.

Curtis Mayfield - SuperFly - Freddie Is Dead

An Essay On War

Covert WAR operations are not usually declared when implementing them, the war on drugs is an exception, yet they are wars. A dictionary definition for war is a state of armed conflict between different nations, states or different groups within a nation or state. Understand armed does not always mean weapons such as Knives, Firearms and Bombs but includes misinforming, indoctrinating and lies are weapons to control minds usually before they acquire the ability to reason to educate themselves for governing themselves.

This nation has a war against education defined as bringing forth from within oneself by objectively observing, participating to discover various outcomes for reasoning their differences and being able to communicate the findings to others to prevent missing other relative facts. The term schooled means to be conditioned to follow leadership even to one’s own demise like fish schools follow their leaders into the mouth of predators and people follows their governments’ dictate to go to war without question even into the nation's imposed treasonous acts they blamed on other nations even though the Constitution require its military to be for defense only.

The U.S. calls school education and demand it for all children almost as soon as they are able to talk, then use employment as the means to force young adults to pay for higher schooling to narrow their field of vision is a war against The People’s right to decide to be led by their inner guide, called god, or follow woman leaders. The United States’ congress, presidents and Department of Education demanded the implementation of Common Core make them guilty of levying war against an individuals’ right for an education.

America’s Health practice is a war against Healing. Our governors allows farmers to use poison pesticides on food products and sell GMO foods for market before being tested for long-term effects on People such as the FDA’s not requiring testing. Untested long term effect of poisons sprayed on animals' food and growth enhancement drug treated animals is another war against the people especially since many so called important people often live much longer than the general population because they don't eat the same foods nor receiving the same medicines provided for the general population. And AMA’s allows prescribing medication with side effects that cause more harm than the untreated condition and allows prescribing medications tested for one purpose to be prescribed for a purpose it was not tested for.

What is called Mental Disorders have nothing to prove the conditions existence. Governments' medical scientists say they have although independent studies have proven it does not. Yet million or billions of dollars are spent by the governors to keep We The People believing the lie. The governors also allow treatments that produce mental health like symptoms, require vaccinations on people for non-existing viruses and drugs with sudden death as a side effects. Those are all wars against The People for enriching Corporations.

The O'Jays - For The Love Of Money


The name United States of America and its Constitution’s Preamble are Testaments that the state of this nation is not the founders intended. They both suggest this nation is to be a place where peace and unity abounds although it consists of people from most nationalities. It suggests we are to work for peace between human and the environment. George Washington had the foresight to tell us only god would be able to achieve what the Constitution intended.

Donald J. Trump is prophetically the forty third president after the forty second, forty two months (Revelation 13:5), who would complete their reigns, died in service or forced stepped down from their reign. U.S. history show us the ninth president, William Henry Harrison, only reigned for about 32 days without performing any presidential duties eliminates him and the 22nd and 24th president, Glover Cleveland, served non-consecutive terms would represent one month. By that prophecy this nation after forty-two presidents would become the home of world peace (Isaiah 2:2-4) as the highest mountain, prophetic nation, and since Trump isn’t directing the nation in that direction he is to loose his position to the son of man for the fulfillment of the prophecy.

A review of this nation's 1776 beginning and Constitution’s 1787 ratification we find the governors have continued to violate their oaths to protect and fulfill its intent. Beginning with the electing of officials (Art. 1.2.2 and 1.3.3 for congress and Amendments 12 and 24 for Presidents) and followed by our military, that is supposed to be for our nation's defense (Preamble) evicting the Natives off of their residential lands through to presently occupying more than 150 nations around the earth. We also have Trump talking about colonizing other planets and our military in space that such nation was prophetically announced must be cut down leaving only a stump held by a band of brass and iron (Daniel 4). Those things are the handwriting on the wall that interprets now is the time that woman are to be reborn into man like, tadpoles are reborn into frogs, and return to environmental living fulfilling as Nebuchadnezzar punishment (to be imposed on Trump) reveals will happen to man during the seven millennial preceding the next civilization’s manifestation.

Meanwhile The War on Drugs has provided the means for the son of man to destroy the two pillars, representing governmental parties, like Samson destroyed them and the people who maintained that nation by imprisoning everyone responsible for the War on Drugs. Since We The People claim the constitution as our supreme law why don’t at least two of us bear witness in a petition that the War on Drugs is TREASON and force the responsible governors to discarnate incarcerated since Treason carries the death penalty.

Another prophecy says the son of man is in the lions’ den (Daniel 6:16-23)) or governing capital of Judah the young lion today yet they are unable to devour him. So let us seek out the lion of this tribe of Judah for him, as the band of Iron and his help meet as the band of brass, to bring peace to this world for the first time since the metaphor of Cain's killing Able.

The foregoing acts are Treasonous our Governors deceivingly imposed on The People of this nation so it is time We as a People take the authority the Constitution’s and first two paragraphs of the Declaration of Independence (DoI) provide and end it. The DoI reveals the Governors obtain their power from The Consent of the Governed so We The People are consenting by our silence, although via deception, so now that we know it if we do nothing about these atrocities we are as guilty as they. I therefore admonish us to stand united as a people and terminate those responsible for the Misguided State of this Union.

Is Treason defined, should Article 2 section 4 be implemented against the Government?

Do you agree the war on drugs is treason that should be punished?

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    • The0NatureBoy profile imageAUTHOR

      Elijah A Alexander Jr 

      2 years ago from Washington DC

      Yes, Angela, I know know it's not far that is why I pressing so hard to get done. People say the Great Tribulation is supposed to last for seven years, I believe the Son of Man is supposed to reign for at least 3 if not the whole three and a half years of Revelation 11's two messengers, thus, there will be an overlapping of the two as I see it. If the Son of Man enters now that means he will reign until early 2022 with the messengers proclaiming the future years of civilization until they ascend after their three and a half day OBE. At that time five of the ten Virgins will be close in Armageddon and their only concern will be to preparing to replace 100% of the world's population for Revelation 12's civilization.

      I'm glad to hear from you, it's been quite some time since we've conversed, Thanks for reading and commenting.

      Bro. Elijah

    • profile image

      Angela Hoffberg 

      2 years ago

      2028 isn't far away, and things are beginning to point the way. Some things haven't been revealed to me, but I trust your word.


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