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Trump-A disaster looming for America

Updated on March 9, 2016

A look back into what will be reality again

As we all know, Trump is running for president and as of right now he has an incredibly good shot at it. This is my effort to change people's minds about him. Oh and I don't know how many of you know, but he's already been banned from several countries. How can a potential commander in chief work on foreign polices if he's not even allowed to be in that country?

First let's talk about some similarities into what our country used to look like to know as we head further into these campaigns.

UCF protest in my home town


Something I disagree with the video above is the fact the kids say they don't care and that it doesn't effect them when it truly effects everyone.


Let's talk about his so called 'Policies'

I don't know how many debates his supporters have watched but I've watched quite a few of them. I try to watch all the debates. Why? Because it is my job as an American citizen to be well informed and to know exactly what kind of people we are voting for.

Trump has never been afraid of showing his true colors. In these debates he is frequently asked questions, and never fully answers them. He has also been known to change his comments and badger anyone who tries to tell him he is a liar.

At the most recent debate, which I turned off close to the end because it angered me so much, he is badgering Marco Rubio. Calling him little Marco. Here are some of the questions Trump never answered: Such as creating jobs in America.

I would have provided the text from the transcription but Hubpages has informed me I'm not allowed to do that, which I feel is hindering to my point.

Let's see if I can get away with this one.

Here is another one: the budget Trump thinks he can control. Fox made a point to prove everything that Trump had stated about how he would cut spending was incorrect because his numbers don't add up. If you didn't watch the debate I have provided a link to the transcription because apparently I'm not allowed to post it on Hubpages. It's not plagiarism so I should be allowed to post it FYI.

I can tell you I have looked into Marco Rubio's voting history in the senate because I had to for my government class last semester. He doesn't show up to vote. But the question was about his policy on the budget. The numbers have been prove time and time again that what he is proposing it just doesn't match up. I've never been a fan of Fox, but the numbers they provided Trump are fairly accurate. We are Trillions of dollars in debt to China who bailed us out, and Trump is proposing we save pennies in these certain areas. It pales in comparison to how much money needs to be saved. This man has know idea on how to run a country, he's never held elected office and he isn't a politician. Some say that's why we should vot for hi, but that is just incorrect.


Are you with Trump or against?

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Getting along

TRUMP: ... is it's total gridlock. Nobody gets along. We need people to get along. We need to be able to get things done.

Here's the thing. He is very good at saying people need to get along, when he himself refuses to get along with anyone. He has proven time and time again that the only opinion that matters is his. If you're protesting at his rally? "Get them out!" Is what you here from is mouth. As American citizens we have a right to our opinion and to make a stand. We've been doing since the Revolutionary War and we should never have to stop. Protesting and strikes is what we used to be known for very well as Americans. Think of when the draft came out for the Vietnam war. No it wasn't just the hippies who felt strongly on the matter it was everyone. And when those veterans came home, they were treated like garbage. For serving their country and not even having the option they were spat on and disgraced. Trump has no solutions at all for anything other then cheap talk and hasn't said much on the VA. Our men and women are being sent over to fight wars they shouldn't be in and they come home to find they get get the benefits they so rightly earned.

The thing is the direction we are heading to is extremely poor. Racism never left this country but now we are finding ourselves back into a poor situation that is very similar to the 60's and 70's.

You can compare them. Trust me, I have


This is straight from a protesters experience

This is a post from a protester in my home town on the facebook page while Trump was visiting at UCF. Is this really the kind of man we want running a country that is supposed to be a melting pot of all cultures. He's bringing out the worst in people.

Andres Posadas

March 5 at 10:10pm · Winter Springs, FL, United States ·

Just walked into a Walgreens with my friend and these two guys looked at us and said "Better watch them mother fuckers."
We ignored them and we proceeded with our conversation about the protest and they looked at us and said "You went to the rally?" I said "No, I went to the protest" and then started talking with my friend again. Then one of them said, "But I love Trump," and we ignored him. Then he became very hostile and said something to the extent of "Trump better win so we can get these wetbacks out of our country."

This is the kind of hatred that Trump is inciting in people. He isn't trying to unify people, only cause more strife and division. To perpetuate the racism and bigotry that plagues this nation. For those of you who are voting for Trump, I implore you to reevaluate and examine the kind of person he is. I'm not asking you to vote democrat or republican. I'm asking you not to vote for the kind of man who asks his fans to "beat the crap" out of those who dissent. The man who described an entire population of people as "rapists" and "murderers." The man who judges an entire religion based on the actions of an extreme few. The man whose entire platform is based on xenophobic, hate-filled ideologies. Ignorance is NOT a quality we should look for in the man who is going to be our next president. The man who is supposed to be the role model for people not only in America, but all around the world. The man who is supposed to be a representation of who we are as a nation.

Please think before you vote. Don't let it be too late

I'm going to keep educating people about this man

I implore you. Please don't let this man become our next president. PLEASE. This kind of hatred and stupidity and selfishness isn't going to get us anywhere. Do proper research before you vote for this man. And if you are against him please do what you can to educate people. Don't just backlash on people who like him. Use educated knowledge to back up why we shouldn't vote for him or it won't work.

Please, for the sake of our country's future. Stop this now before it's too late.


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