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Trump: Candid, Crude and Liar

Updated on May 18, 2019
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I believe a President should be knowledgeable, compassionate and bipartisan. Trump is none of them, in fact he lacks morals.

Trump lacks knowledge, compassion and morals

While Donald Trump makes a good ratings grabber and a great candidate for the Jerry Springer Show; he is everything that is wrong with America today.

Americans like him because he speaks his mind, unfiltered. Americans like him because he's larger than life. Americans like him because he's not of a political or government background, he's "one of us".

If Americans see him as "one of us", then this country has more issues than just having voted for a man who does not have the temperament, intelligence or integrity to be President of the United States.

So, now that Americans voted Donald Trump in as the Republican choice for president, we now see just how far America has fallen in morals, faith and integrity.

However, the "fact", not Trump's "alternative fact" is that Trump didn't get elected by the people, he got elected by the electoral college.

Hillary Clinton will go down in History as having won over $3 million popular votes and voted for President by the majority of Americans.

President Trump and his lies

Every election, candidates make a big deal about opening up their taxes so America can see how financially responsible they are? Trump has bragged about how much money he's worth and yet he refuses to show the voters. Since August of 2015, he has said he is not sure when he will release his taxes. Maybe, with Hillary Clinton's email release. If he's that smart, he knows it will be long after the elections, so he continues to treat Americans in the manner of which he describes them, "stupid".

What else does your taxes show? It shows how much as a business/individual you write off as a loss. How much has Donald Trump lost, that he doesn't want the voter to see? Could this possibly show Americans that Donald Trump is not as financially savvy as he claims. Another thing he could be hiding, is money from dealing with the Russians, which he said he didn't do.

  1. Excuse: He's under audit and can't release them right now. In about 3 months he can. After all the voting?
  2. Audits don't stop you from releasing your taxes. They are already done and they belong to him, he can release them now.
  3. Blames the audits on the IRS attacking him for being a Christian
  4. Tax Law, if a person has a clean audit and no fraud is found, they cannot be audited for 2 years after. So, what does that tell Americans about Trump and his "about 12 years in a row" auditing?

Trump repeats it over and over again. "I pay as little taxes as possible, because I'm a business man and that's what we do". He hates what our country does with our tax money. So, how does he avoid taxes, he writes off as much as he can, he files bankruptcy and as he mentioned, it's business. He doesn't mention the average worker. Donald Trump is no different than any other politician. He'll watch out for the business man. How many American voters are business owners that will benefit and how many are workers that won't?

Trump loves to use the word "stupid" when talking about his own people of this country. And since he did get awarded the election, he might actually be correct.

The election over and his mouthpiece, Kelly Ann Conway, has made it clear that even though he said he would release his taxes after the election and after the audit was completed. That is not longer true. He will not release his taxes.

Lying Trump, continues to deceive the American people, his supporters continue to believe them and the majority that voted for Hillary Clinton will continue to hold him accountable for those lies.

Get rich quick schemes that failed

We all have that one uncle, cousin or friend that are always looking to get rich quick, but always fall short. Donald Trump is that guy, the only difference is that those people live a meager life and die broke. Donald Trump was born with the Trump name and his father had laid out the carpet for him. And where the average parent helps their child with a few dollars here and there when they can. His father helped him start his adult life as a millionaire.

This gave him the financial freedom to play with money and ideas.

1988- he bought an airline that was profitable and serviced the American people for 27 years as well as the Trump Plaza hotel. In less than 4 years; 1992 after Trump took ownership, he defaulted on loans and the airline company was taken over by creditors. The hotel, he filed bankruptcy on. 1996 Trumps World Fair was purchased and closed by 1999. In 2004, he filed bankruptcy and in 2006 he came out with Trump Vodka, that by 2008 no one even remembered that it had ever existed because that money maker scheme had failed as well.

In 2009, he filed bankruptcy again; showing Americans that this candidate cannot keep his businesses going without a government, bank or friends bailing him out. Who will bail him out when he bankrupts America?

Bankruptcy is another word for bail out

It is no secret that the leading Presidential candidate for the Republican party loves to use the law to his advantage; which Americans get hurt by his inability to run his companies. The one's that lose their jobs. Bankruptcy may save him money and in some cases, allow him to hold on to his companies, but he put thousands of Americans out of work to save himself and "his" money without any regard to the American people that were left without financial support for their families.

He filed bankruptcy on 4 of his businesses. One, the Taj Mahal was filed on twice.

  1. 1991: bought the Taj Mahal and opened it in 1990 for $1 Billion and by 1991, he was in debt for $3 Billion and filed bankruptcy.
  2. 1992: Trump Plaza Hotel was purchased in 1988 for $390 million, by 1992 he was $550 million in debt and filed bankruptcy.
  3. 2004: Trump Hotels and Casinos was up to $1.8 Billion in debt, he filed bankruptcy again to include the Taj Mahal.
  4. 2009: Trump Hotels and Casinos, name was changed after bankruptcy and now the Trump Resorts files bankruptcy again. He was stripped to 10% ownership so they could continue using the Trump name.

A four to five year pattern on filing bankruptcy and changing business venture names to re-establish credit.

Donald Trump and  mistress, Stripper- Porn Star, Stormy Daniels
Donald Trump and mistress, Stripper- Porn Star, Stormy Daniels

Donald Trump and women

Where to begin, not much can be found on Donald Trump and his relationship with his own mother. You seldom hear anything about her.

He has been quick to say that his daughter has a beautiful body and he'd date her if she wasn't his daughter. This alone should be disturbing; not only to women, but men with moral virtue as well.

Let us not forget his outburst and vulgar tirades at women in the media who don't fall at his feet and agree with his every idea or put him on the spot. For someone who says he has thick skin, he simply comes off like a disrespectful bully with women. Or the vulgarity at which he spoke about women and their genitalia, forcing himself on them because he can. "He's a star and they let you do that".

Also the extra marital affairs, showing he commits to no one.

Trump lies on eminent domain

Eminent domain "is a wonderful thing"

Eminent domain, "is a wonderful thing" according to Donald Trump; for big business that is. It is not a secret that in 1994, he said it was a good thing and supported it 100%. Taking property from homeowners and small business owners to give it to developers is a good thing.

As a developer himself, he has attempted it and lost in court and for the government to allow this, would make him millions if not billions of dollars. One of his major losses was in 1990, when he needed property adjoining to one of his hotel and casino ventures. He called in the CDRA- Casino Reinvestment Development Authority to take the property of an elderly woman and another building from brothers who were small business owners. They offered them $326,000 less than what it was worth and told them to leave.

While he goes on that it's a good thing and people get more money for their property than it's worth, he knows he's lying because he's tried doing it and offering a minuscule amount of what the owners property is worth. And for those that have grown up in that home,raised their children and have great history, no amount of money is worth losing your home because Trump and his developers and friends want to build a business and trample on those memories.

This will happen again if Donald Trump has his way, American business owners and prime real estate owners will be trampled on by eminent domain and developers. All with the blessing of the man in the White House.

Donald Trump is counting on the "stupid" Americans that vote for him. During an interview on NPR, Donald Trump admitted that he doesn't have to speak with substance, it's all about getting the peoples attention and keeping it even if what he is saying has no substance.

Republicans have bent the knee to Trump and forsaken our Constitution

Donald Trump voters showed the world what kind of candidate the Republican Party wants. Donald Trump's voters according to exit polls were made up mainly of people that didn't receive an education higher than high school, made less than $50,000 a year. No college education and extreme right wing who admitted that they felt he ran an unfair campaign, but were supporting him anyway.

Donald Trump stooped to childish name calling and sensational comments to keep people interested, played the race card, the fear card and every card in the deck to solidify his election. And it worked, party politics played into it as well as Republican leaders in fear of losing their cash cow, marched lock step in to the election with Donald Trump.

God help America! Donald Trump is stripping Americans of their rights, he's trampling the constitution and he's allowing unqualified individuals to make decisions that effect the well being of this country.

The worst of all, he is running this country via Twitter and Lies. Lying Trump has made a mockery of our country and continues to become emboldened with every thing that he gets a way with, he pushes his agenda further knowing the Republicans will not stand up to him.

Can history repeat itself?


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