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Trump Confirmation Hearings in the Senate

Updated on January 23, 2017

At the writing of this article only two individuals who have been nominated to serve in the Executive Department have been confirmed. The process of a President nominating individuals to serve in the various departments and sometimes agencies of the federal government is not complicated but this year it is a slow process. The question to be asked and answered is why. I understand that individuals must complete a set of financial paperwork but once that is completed the hearings then begin. Individual committees have specific responsibilities in relation to the cabinet post for which the individual has been nominated.

Hearings involve a number of questions asked by a committee member to the nominee and each individual on the committee have a right to ask questions. The questions should be centered on whether an individual has the qualifications for the office for which they have been nominated. Questions should be fair and not have a political agenda. We have a new President and he has the right to have the individuals in place to have a working executive department. I understand that individuals should be vetted and from what I understand they have been by the Trump team or they would not have been chosen for their individual positions.

The message sent by the voters was clear that they were not satisfied with the current culture which has existed within the federal government and yet some individuals appear to not have received the message. It is important for each member of the Senate who is conducting themselves to be a barrier or hindrance in the current nomination process to understand how they are hurting the country and themselves politically. Each individual regardless of party affiliation should not take direction from their party leaders for they are there to serve the people not their party.

Looking at the list of nominees submitted to the various departments and agencies the confirmation process should not be a difficult one to complete for each of the nominees. Individuals who are bent on obstructing the process must remember they will be up for

Every two years 1/3 of the senators must seek approval by the voters to continue holding their positions. This decision by voters is based or should be based on the job they have done. It is clear that voters have been paying attention to the political culture in Washington and across the country. Individuals serving particularly in the federal government must ask themselves if the actions they are taking or not taking would be looked upon favorably by the voters come election time. If the answer is no then they need to make the right decisions for the country.

I understand that there are a number of individuals which have been sent to the Senate for confirmation hearings but these individuals for the executive departments will not be the last during this administration. Continuing the policy of slowing down any confirmation will not be looked upon favorably by voters. If individuals in the Senate which are conducting themselves in this manner think the voters were not angry they have not seen anything yet if such activity continues. It is time to put aside partisan politics and get down to the business of the Senate in holding fair confirmation hearings and then putting the individuals up for a vote to the full Senate. The issue whether or not an individual likes or dislikes the choices made by our President should not be part of the process it should be about their qualifications to hold the office for which they are being considered. The President deserves to have a full cabinet in place.


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