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Trump Called Senator John McCain Loser

Updated on September 19, 2020
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Donald Trump is trying to walk back what he said about men who died and the disable who fought in Vietnam.He called these brave men loser.

Trump attacked the Character of a Dead Hero.

The President called Senator John McCain a loser, attacking the character of a war hero. John McCain spend five years and a half captured in Vietnam. John McCain served his country, while Trump make excuses not to serve his country. Trump was given 5 draft deferment. One deferment was a bone spur in his foot and the other four was because of college. President Donald Trump never spend one day fighting for his country.

President Trump went after John McCain because he gave a thumb down vote against to the appealing of Obama healthcare.

Trump and is Republicans Party expected McCain go against what he knew was right. After the death of the Senator, Trump complained about lowing flags calling McCain a loser. Trump said McCain was a war hero because he was capture, he didn't like people capture. The day of John McCain funeral Washington, mourned the late Senator while president Trump played golf. attended the serve of the late The White House wanted the Navy to cover up the USS John McCain when Trump visited, but the Navy refused to do so.

Trump went against Gold Star families after they criticized him disrespecting their families. One of the Gold Star family son and American Muslim was killed in a suicide bombing.

Trump didn't go to cemetery in Aisne-Marne near Paris to honor the dead U.S soldiers who died, fighting for this country. The president called them loser because they got themselves killed.

Trump reason for not going to the cemetery with other leader around the world was that helicopter couldn't fly in the rain and his secret Service wouldn't Drive him.

Trump is infuriated at the story the Atlantic Magazine reported, saying Trump called U.S soldiers losers and suckers. Trump denied the allegation made by a Atlantic Magazine, saying he love the Military more than anyone. President Trump said he didn't go to Vietnam because he was not a fan of going. President Trump got 5 deferments one was Trump had bone spurs in his foot and four was colleges. President Donald Trump the 45th president has fail America and the people by not doing the job he was elected to do.

Trump has divided America and shown the world he is a racist. President Trump doesn't care about anyone except himself, he have disrespect The late John McCain a war hero, Gold Star families and Dead soldiers and disable Vets who fought for America. President Trump main agenda is being elected not the Coronavirus, a virus that have taken the lives of thousands. Trump does not care about the Military or his supporter and never will. Donald Trump is one of the worst thing that has ever happen to America, one of the greatest countries In the World

Donald Trump will destroy America if he is elected for four more years.


ump is furious at a report from the Atlantic Magazine about a story the editor wrote calling the dead soldier and disable veterans a bunch of suckers and losers.


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