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Trump Hands Sexism Charge Right Back to Hillary

Updated on January 4, 2016

First, let me clarify. I am not a Trump fan. I find him bellicose and simple in his answers. Not to mention rude and obnoxious. But one thing I do like about him. He does not pull punches and takes political correctness head on.

Example 1: Discussing Bill Clinton's assault accusations have been taboo for quite some time now. Before he even left office. So when Hillary Clinton got on that stage and accused Trump of sexism. Real or imagined. It gave Trump an opening and he drew blood.

Trump fired back that her husband has a trail of sexual assault accusations against him a mile long. And I will add Hillary was a known participator in attacking the characters of the women that accused her husband. She knew about the money pay offs. She knew about the character assassinations. She knew everything the public knew and she also knew about things I am sure, that were not public. Only Bill Clinton and the women involved know the complete truth. And as for the women involved. It's a long list. Hillary's speech about all victims of sexual assaults deserve to be heard rings hollow and smells of hypocrisy.

To be fair Hillary Clinton is used to saying things and making accusations without ever having to explain herself. The press gives her a free pass because she is expected to be the Democratic Candidate for President. The vast majority of the press is in league with the Democrats. Even if they will not admit it or even see it the bias has been there for a very long time. For example the tapes of Reverend Wright God damming the United States was for sale in the church commons. Somehow the press could not find it. Bur when Sarah Palin was picked to be the Vice Presidential Candidate by John McCain. The press jumped on a airplane to Alaska to comb through the P.T.A. minutes. But that is another article. I don't want to get off track.

Hillary Clinton regularly calls all Republicans racists at her rallies. Of course that is red meat for her crowd. I believe that one does not lightly toss around the racist word. But in the crowds that support Hillary. They love it. Not unlike when she brings out her Dixie accent whenever she address a southern African American group. And she gets away with it. So when she called Trump a sexist she was just going for another applause line. Well she got it. She got much more.

Trump hit back with the obvious reply but Trump is the only one who will say it. In polite political society they pretend Bill Clinton is great and never talk about Grandpa in the attic. Only in whispers and never, never directly to a Clinton. Not even a Clinton ally and certainly not to the media. One could say it but it would never make it past the cutting room floor. Odds are you would not be invited back.

Now Mrs. Clinton is playing defense. She has even received a few questions on the matter from reporters. And the talking heads? Well, the talking heads are forced to talk about it. After all it involves Donald Trump. Trump is news. Trump sells commercials. The coverage on this election cycle has been "Trump and some other people". Much to the frustration of the other candidates.

One very noteworthy tidbit however. Hillary has not accused Trump of sexism since. She has realized that Trump does not take prisoners. A heck of a way to find out I agree. Never the less. She is on notice.

No more running from sniper stories. No more ISIS makes videos off of Trump. No more "What difference does it make". Her claim that women are paid less then men is a lie. No more making it up as she goes along. Her statements from now on should have some bases of facts in them. I am not saying she will do that. I am only saying she should.

Now you are probably thinking about now. "But Trump makes it up as he goes along too". And I would say you are correct. But Trump does not have the skeletons in his closet that Hillary does. Nor does he have the track record. At least not in politics. When you have a career like the Clinton's. Constantly in controversy even from the Arkansas days. How they emerged from a lifetime of public service with a new worth estimated to be over 32 million dollars is "A willing suspension of disbelief" as she once told General Petraeus.

Yes I know Bill Clinton collected speaking fees for a number of years. But 32 million dollars? Suspicious comes to mind. And muddled accounting seems to follow the Clinton's. Bill Clinton's speaking fees more then doubled when talking to corporations and foreign governments when his wife was Secretary of State. A conflict of interest at best. Borderline treason at worst. Using the Clinton Foundation for fees, donations is just another controversy with questionable ethics. Something that is beyond the scope of this article.

No, this article is a simple one. Donald Trump handed Hillary Clinton back her accusations and then beat her over the head with it. It was nice to see. And way, way overdue.


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    • bradmasterOCcal profile image

      bradmasterOCcal 2 years ago from Orange County California

      It is a shame that no one has commented on this hub. It is a lot like Trump in talking about the subjects that are avoided by most people.

      It seems to me that the lack of comments could mean that no one can come up with a plausible rebuttal to the Trump response to Hillary Clinton.

      It is like the well known rule, don't talk about Politics, Religion or Sex even with your friends. Unfortunately, that creates a bigger problem because we can't share our views on these subjects. Most people in my opinion are raised by their family from birth with a belief in Religion and Politics. Some people change these birth right views as they grow up.

      But too many people hold on to the beliefs of their parents, and family. Neither party has the solutions for the problems of the country and its people, but both parties working against each other is the major problem of the US.

      Election after election people hear promises, most of which are never completed by deed. Then in the reelection the incumbent distances themselves from the old promises by issuing new and better promises. This is a vicious cycle accepted by the loyal party voter, but it still results in a failure of the country to move forward.

      Like a seesaw the country goes up and down and never forwards, not since the artificial oil shortages of the 70s, when the country started to decline. A decline that continues today. The dems on one side of the seesaw and the repubs on the otherside.

      Trump appears to be outside of that seesaw