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Trump Impeachment is Another Sad Attempt By Democrats to Find Something on President Trump

Updated on September 28, 2019

Here We Go Again. Lies, Lies and More Lies!

With the Democrat's record so far of saying something is wrong and no actual wrong-doings ever being found, we can assume that their latest Ukraine screaming is just that another Russian collusion or Kavanaugh teenage misdoing that never happened.

Especially with the curious way that this all started. Nancy Pelosi herself admits that she never read the actual transcript that started this call for Impeachment. Yet, she boldly declared that she was going to start proceedings on hearsay and all people who have been standing on the side lines for the past four years waiting for any opportunity to impeach President Trump have come running. This in itself should have everyone angry. It's a downright misuse of power.

And then they actually start making stuff up that was never said in the transcript. Instead of focusing on the truth and reading the transcript, which is filled with harmless talk between leaders, Representative Adam Schiff decides to make up dialogue as he sees fit. The Democrats don't bother with the truth anymore and are no longer taking the time to find the truth only what they need and if it isn't there then they are saying what they want it to say. President Trump has called for Schiff’s resignation and he really needs to step down with this.

Not to mention the fact that the whistle blower who has provided an entire outline of events that happened as he was told by those that did them, not actually doing them himself, but being told by either the people who witnessed them or the people of the people who have witnessed them. So, by the time we Americans have gotten this information it's almost 4 levels deep in "he said, she said." It's like playing a game of telephone where someone whispers something in someone's ear and then the next person does the same thing. By the end of the row, the initial message has changed dramatically. This time the game telephone was played by purposely malicious players.

The whistle blower needs to be brought forward and made to stand-up to his or her accusations. Making such claims is a serious matter and we can’t accept someone doing so anonymously. This person needs to stand and make these accusations with a name attached. And we need to address the massive breach of security that just happened with his or her accusations and he needs to stand trial for this hacking or mishandling of private, sensitive information that is on a national level. The matters that this person claimed happened should have been private matters and if the President of the United States can’t have a private phone call there are some major security breaches that need to be addressed that were hacked or information was taken that shouldn’t be taken. Another matter in itself.

As an American citizen, I refuse to drag my President or my country through something that appears to be another setup by someone who simply doesn't like Trump. I refuse to spend millions of dollars to do a search that has no evidence of wrong-doing from the get go and that is just another scam by the Democrats to search through files to find information, which is the wrong way of doing it. Information should be found to prove there is wrong doing before the proceedings start and not searched for to prove wrong-doing.

In America you are innocent until proven guilty. We are in America for those that have any question. This is not a Totalitarian and fascist state; collecting or creating evidence after the fact would say otherwise. And that appears to be just what the Democrats are doing once again.


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