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Trump Is Jealous of the Late Senator John Mccain

Updated on March 30, 2019
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Donald Trump is aweak man he uses his words to divide our nation. Trump is a digrace to our country bashing a war hero.

Thank You For Your Serve

President Trump is slamming the late Senator John Mccain for his famous thumb down vote against the repeal of Obama care, Trump said he was unhappy that Mccaine didn't repeal and replace Obama Care. McCain did what was right instead of making the wrong choice to please the president.

McCain was hospitalized when he decided to come to Congress to cast his vote. Trump was unhappy and blamed McCain because he didn't repeal and replace Obama Care. In May Senate McCain health deteriorated to a point he made plans for his funeral. He wanted Obama and Bush, two former presidents, to deliver his eulogies. Before McCain died he said he didn't want President Trump at his funeral and his family honored his words.

Seven months after the death of Senator McCain the president is bashing The Senator over the thumb down decision John Mccain made by voting against his party.

Donald Trump should be ashamed of himself for attacking the Character of an Americans hero. Trump stood before a crowd saying he never liked John Mccain and never will. You know I gave him the funeral he wanted, being the president and nobody ever thanked me. Trump expected a dead man to thank him.

President Trump is a hateful vindictive man who have no soul, with a history of disliking McCain. The only reason he dislikes McCain is what Jonn McCain stood a man of honor and being a war hero.

The Americans should call out the president on his hateful vindictive behavior of the late Senator McCain, for bashing the name of a dead hero? When Americans think they have seen the worse of Trump he surprise all of us by doing something unimaginable. To malign a dead hero in front of his family, who is still mourning is uncalled for. Trump get a kick out of hurting and destroying anyone who is not loyal to him, John McCain was not a lackey of Trump.

Megan McCain the daughter of the Late Senator is speaking up for her father something that most of John Mccain friends in the senator should have done.

John Mccain is probably turning over in his grave at the reactions of one of his best friends kissing up to Trump, Lindsey Graham. Being the best friend of Mccain a man you praised at his funeral, it was your duty to tell Trump to keep his hateful words to himself.

Mccain graduated from the navy academy in 1958 and served as a naval admiral for 22 years.In1967 Mccain flew in his 23rd bombing mission in Vietnam, where he was shot down by a missile. He discharged himself from his plane breaking two arms and his leg and was captured and held a prisoner of war. Mccain refused medical treatment and was torture for years.

John Mccain career was something that Trump never liked he had a history with Mccain because he wasn't one to kiss up to him. Trump never liked the idea that Senator was a war hero and served our country. When Mccain was in Vietnam serving his country, Trump was getting deferred and letters from doctors saying he had bone spurs.

John McCain was a man of dignity and prized, you didn't have like his politics but he did what he believed in. Mccaine was never fearful of Trump-like his other Republicans friends and never went back on his words. Donald Trump is jealous of the accomplishment of The Late McCain.

McCain severed his country, Trump made was a realty estate broker and an investor with no accomplishments with no hero statics. Trump never have been praised for his service, he sat back scamming and making business deals making himself rich. Trump is phony and dangerous and will never make this America great again. America will always be great with or without the 45th president "Donald J. Trump".


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