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Trump Is Trying To Steal The 2020 Election

Updated on August 16, 2020

President Trump must be very concerned that Biden and Harris may win the U.S. Presidential election in November. Nearly all the polls favor Biden and Harris but good margins. The Trump political apparatus has gone into full attack mode against both Democratic candidates and is now trying to win by dirty methods.

Voter Fraud

Despite all the propaganda and disinformation from the Trump organization and various supporters on Fox News Channel, the facts simply do not support that there is widespread voter fraud with mail-in ballots. Whatever examples the Trump people provide as proof are either minuscule in numbers or twisted and spun to make it look like the issue is bad. For example, the state of Washington has been voting with mail-in ballots for years and in the most recent election where over 3 million votes were mailed in, only 144 of them were considered in error or invalid. Of those 144, less than 20 were actually fraud and the people were prosecuted.

The reality is that unless the election is razor thin margins, any fraud numbers simply do not matter. Now, Trump wants you to think otherwise and maybe so do his Russian proxies. Each state has a different ballot and different security measures that make "flooding the campaign with fake ballots" nearly impossible without authorities knowing. But, Trump continues to spread the disinformation and lies about voting by mail-in ballots, especially in the key battleground states that he is so worried about losing. The more he talks about it, the more people will think it may be true- it is eroding the confidence of voting. This is a treasonous act for the president of the USA. What kind of person does this to a democracy? A person who is narcissistic. A person who will do anything not to lose. By promoting the voter fraud myth, he hopes that if the election is razor close, he can win by claiming the whole election is a fraud. Will someone put this guy out of his misery?

The U.S. Postal Service

Trump is also making sure that even casting a vote is made more difficult and if you mail it in, delay the arrival and count. He has replaced the man in charge of the postal service with another "yes" man, who is openly supportive of Trump and a donor to his campaign. The man is taking orders from Trump to reduce the capacity and ability of the US postal service to deliver and sort mail in a timely fashion by removing various internal mechanisms that speed the mail through the system. Some of the sorting machines are being removed from key facilities, hours are being reduced, mailboxes are being removed, etc. All these efforts will create a delay in mail service and during the election will acerbate the whole ballot counting process for days after the election is over! Some predict the winner may be be announced for a week afterwards.

In the era of covid-19, many voters will prefer to mail in their ballots and Trump is there to make sure there are major problems to help his claims of voter fraud become real.

Of course, if the election results clearly are a blowout with Trump losing, voter fraud and mail-in ballots may become moot. But, Trump has already told us that if he loses he may not leave the White House. He may take the results to the court. He may have his base of supporters riot in the streets claiming there was voter fraud and the election is invalid. Trump will likely claim the same thing.

America has never seen such a pathetic loser.


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