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Trump Retreats

Updated on March 25, 2017

Trump Retreats


Obama Care Retains, Trump Care Fails

It was a destructive day for the victorious party. Finally, Trump, the present President of the U.S.A. had to withdraw the Bill that he had promised to have inaugurated after his crowning instead of Obama’s. The spokesperson of the Congress announced vote for such a Bill at 3.30 pm on Friday.

What is the Bill? The Bill that Trump was so pervasive to pass in the houses was the American Health Care Act. He was so interested in applying the Bill that he warned his party members. He said that if they unanimously would not support the Bill, they have suffered by the Obama-care. He wanted to change the health care bill passed in the time of Obama and bring a new bill. He wanted to bring the American Health Care Act instead of Obama Care.

Why had Trump to Withdraw the Health Bill?

The Bill that Trump willed to bring into force was to deny as a result of an opposing mentality from within the members of the Republican Party. But 28 to 35 members of the Representative Council stood against the draft of the Bill. The proposed bill seemed to cut down coverage. Besides, the Bill has not attained popularity among the people. A survey to trace out the support of people for the Bill shows that only 17 percent of People were in support of the Bill.

What Trump Says: - Trump says that they are going to withdraw the Bill as the Bill will not get a single vote from the side of Democratic Party in its support. There is an anxiety within the party till now. We can bring a tremendous health care bill if the Democrats will come with us. At present, the Republican Party has the majorities in both the houses, in the Senate and in the Representative Council.


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    • DICESI profile image

      Dicesi 12 months ago from New York

      We wrote about Trumpcare as well. I am very happy Obamacare was not repealed but I can't imagine that they won't repeal it at some point.