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Trump Talk? Whats the beef with Trump?

Updated on April 21, 2016


Its that time of year again and everywhere you turn there is talk about the presidential campaign and who we are all going to vote for. I for one am not someone to sit and watch all the debates and weigh in on each and every topic of the presidential campaign but when I sit and look at all the choices there are in front of us, I think to myself that each and every one of them is guilty of something. I do not know of anyone who is not guilty of something or who has faulted or waivered at least once in their life. I just do not understand why we focus so much on their mistakes rather than their good doings.

I am not someone who is racist or feels that any one race is better than the other but I have to admit that maybe there is some point in what he is trying to do. I look to all the other countries surrounding the globe and think that most of the other countries limit who they allow into their country. They monitor closely who is coming and going and therefore have a much lower rate of immigrants in their countries. I then look around our country and see more immigrants in our country than you see Americans. I do not believe that the whole point is to keep Muslims out but that we should instead focus all our efforts on the various different levels of people coming into the country. If we decide to travel down the road of simply keeping all Muslims out, we have in turn made ourselves the racist community that other countries believe us to be. If we start to limit who is in the country and how long they are allowed to stay here, maybe we can start to repair our economy since there will be less people here illegally and less people living off from the government. That is my opinion on that matter.

7/11? What? Did he really miss that?

This day will always be one that is remembered by all. For those of us who were alive during the attacks, we all can remember what we were doing on that day and how we heard about the attacks. I for one can remember that day as clear as I can remember the day my children were born.

I was scheduled to go into our local county building for an appointment with the Medicaid office. I called to reschedule because I was ill and the woman told me that most likely all appointments would be canceled ahead of time anyways due to the bombing of the twin towers. I looked at my husband and told him what she said and he pointed out that someone once tried that before in the basement of the building and that more than likely it was just another attempt. I remember hanging up the phone and turning our television on to see if the news was broadcasting it. We lived in a small run down apartment and had just the rabbit ears for television. In fact the day it occurred, we had an appointment scheduled to have them install our cable that morning. We watched on the plain tube until the cable guy showed up to install our cable. When he did finally arrive, we had just enough time to watch it play over and over again of the towers crumbling down.

I sat in pure fear as the towers went down and as you can clearly see people running from the buildings that we caving in. I can remember thinking about all those people stuck inside of those buildings and how they would never see their families again. I remember thinking that no one deserved that. For this reason, I just do not understand how he can mix up the date of the attack with a gas station chain of stores.

The next question then is, Does this make him any less of a patriot because he mixed up the date? Do we hold that against him and hold him to the high standard of not being worthy of being our president simply because he used the wrong date? What if he can do so much more for our country than this and therefore is and can be the best person for the job?

He's not really likeable?

7/11? What? Did he really miss that?

I believe honesty is the best policy and therefore should always be used. I think that it takes real courage and real strength to know that you will receive backlash and criticism for what you speak. Donald Trump is showing that he simply doesn’t care what people think of him and therefore might just be what we need in order to run this country. The problem with this though is that 9/11 was the end result because someone or a number of someone’s didn’t like who was running the country. If the same type of people in turn do not like the person who is elected in office, is there a chance that another terrorist attack could be in the making? Possibly, likely but probable, hopefully not.

7/11? What? Did he really miss that?

There is talk surrounding the fact that he has bankrupted a number of companies in the past and therefore maybe he is not the best person for the job. With this same talk in mind, if he has in fact been through the ringer and therefore has bankrupted companies but yet is still one of the wealthiest men, why exactly is he no good for the job? This is just my own opinion. Now that does not mean that I am going to rush right out and cast a vote for him, I honestly do not even vote. I don’t vote because of my own religious beliefs and for the beliefs of my family however I do care who sits behind the desk in the Oval Office.

All I can say is this, I hope who ever ends up in our oval office this next year is the best person for the job and will help to get this country back in order. I hope that one day soon our country focuses less on the evil in the world and more on the kindness and hope that we all need. As long as we continue to keep focusing on the evil, we will continue to decline as a country. With kindness showed to our neighbors and to one another, the evil will diminish and be less and less each day. There are too many people being killed each and every day and this has shown us that we need to be more understanding towards one another, more kind to our fellow man and more supporting of one another.


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