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Trump Virus

Updated on August 14, 2020
jada67 profile image

This Deadly Virus Belongs to Donald Trump The President of the United States. Trump hands are covered with DEADs

The words of The President of the United State-It is what it is

It's No Longer China Virus -It's Trump Virus

Who is president Trump? President Donald Trump is a cold hearted man who have endanger the lives of millions Americans by not doing his job as president of the United States. Donald Trump has never taken the Coronavirus seriously telling his supporters at rallies, this was a hoax created by the Dem's. Early in January, former economist warned the president and his Administration that it was a possibility that the Coronavirus was heading to the United states. Trump ignored the warning, it took months for Trump and his Administration to do something. At a press conference Trump lied to the America people that the corvid 19 was under control.

A Lack of Empathy

Donald Trump has failed the people and our country with his reckless behavior. Thousand of lives have been lost president Trump showed no sorrow or empathy for victims and there families. President Trump doesn't care who lives or dies, he instructed Americans to inject themselves with disinfectant to clean there bodies out. President Trump has done nothing to lead Americans through this pandemic Thousands are dead because Trump refused to listen to medical experts, he believes just because he is the president he can do whatever he wants. Trump has failed America and the people. Trump was told like all Americans the wearing of a mask and social distancing would curb the virus. The President refused to wear a mask, saying it would make him look foolish. In Tulsa, Okla. Trump held a rally with most of the people not wearing masks and going against medical experts.

Trump said he expected the Coronavirus to be gone in April, it's the middle of August and the virus is still here. Trump wants schools in America to Open putting the lives of million of innocent children, teachers, and families. Will Trump send his grandchildren back to school, with the surge of corvid19.

Trump main interest is being reelected and a failing economy, he does not care about saving lives or the coronavirus. Trump has surrendered to the corvid 19, he don't know what to do and never did.

As the Virus surged throughout America Trump continue to lie to the people, telling them it will soon go away, with some of your supporters eating up every word that comes out of your mouth. Republicans need to do their jobs and stop protecting a president who will go down as the worst president in history.

This deadly virus belongs Republicans as much as it is to Donald Trump, they have the authority to call out the president but won't. How many more people in this country have to die because of Trump negligent?

Donald Trump is and embarrassment and is unfit to be called 'President "of the United States


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