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Trump and Women is Akin to Downfall of Samson the Biblical Hero

Updated on December 23, 2017

The Comparison

The tale of Samson the mighty warrior and Delilah, his passion is well known from the Bible. Hollywood has also honored the tale with a number of movies on the screen. Briefly, the tale concerns Samson a man of prodigious strength who his enemies wanted to destroy. They formed a devilish plan to honey trap him with Delilah. The aim was to cut the hair of Samson as his entire might was dependent on his hair.

So it came to pass that Samson after a ferocious love bout with Delilah went to sleep and while he slept she cut his hair with a scissor. So when Samson awoke he had lost his strength and was thus easily captured and blinded and made to work as a slave.

Something similar has happened in the case of Donald. There is a subtle difference though that Samson was honey trapped by one woman, Donald has been fond of women. However, the analogy is similar as Samson was defeated by the ruse of a woman and women have caused the downfall of Donald. In the case of Donald, an innocuous conversation recorded in a locker room 10 years back has been seized by his opponents and broadcast all over the world to show that Donald has no respect for women.

Suddenly many women have come forward with more accusations, some of them years old. Why they kept quiet all these years is another matter, but the fact is his opponents were waiting for such a thing to happen and they seized their chance. Worse some GOP senior members who were chafing at their defeat when Donald steamrolled his way to the nomination gave them the excuse to go against Donald officially and support Hillary. Thus a beeline of GOP members deciding not to endorse Donald. I wonder how Mitt Romney, Colin Powell, Kasich, and others will be able to see themselves in the mirror after almost destroying the GOP by not supporting the official candidate.

The Aftermath

The tale from the Bible has a terrible ending. Though Samson was enslaved, he got his strength back as his hair grew. Once he had become mighty again he broke his chains and Delilah who really had fallen in love with him stood by his side as Donald brought the entire temple edifice of his enemies down and killed hundreds of them. It was a terrible retribution as Samson destroyed the temple complex. He had his revenge, though he himself perished in the avalanche along with his love Delilah.

Could such a thing happen in the US election? The opponents of Donald have used innocuous statements and acts that took years back to demonstrate that Donald is a man of no character and has no respect for women and as such is unfit to be president. They forget that his opponent Hillary is no knight in shining armor. She is accused of 101 things of impropriety, but her condoning the love affairs of her husband Bill who even used the Oval office for love trysts takes the cake.Yet Donald is singled out as a man who is overly fond of women and as such not fit to be president.

Now we come to the second part. Donald has stated the election against him is rigged in favor of Hillary. He also has said that he may not accept the verdict of the election. This is a dire state and some of his supporters have called for a revolution in case he loses. This is followed to the hilt can divide America as never before because all said and done Donald has the support of at least 40% of the voters. Win or lose his influence will be palpable and what would happen in a case like Samson, he decided to wreak vengeance? there is little doubt that the 4th estate is deadly opposed to Donald and all along and has orchestrated the campaign against him.

Last Word

Donald may yet turn the tables. An astrologer Alexandar Isimirgic and a professor have forecast Donald victory. This may be a fantasy now but with Donald trailing, Hillary has the better chance to win. But the fact that comes out is that opponents have used the acts and words of Donald with regard to women to hit him badly. Now even Miss world has come forward and mentioned that he used to enter the dressing room of the competitors. All this does look orchestrated and like Delilah being used against Samson, his acts decades back with women are used against Donald.

The election result could bring about a terrible division like Samson wronged and who knows what will happen as one of Donalds supporters has promised a 'blood bath' after a ' fixed ' election. Let's wait and see

Trump has won and now the allegations are dogging him, but he is in the saddle and will sail through. The old Hindu saying "Jo Jeeta wohi Sikandar", ( Winner takes all) holds true for Trump as well.


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    • emge profile image

      Madan 17 months ago from Abu Dhabi

      Thank you for commenting

    • clivewilliams profile image

      Clive Williams 17 months ago from Jamaica

      trump is a clone