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Trump is not a president but a tweet

Updated on June 5, 2020

Trump is not a president but a tweet

A relentless pandemic, an economy in a state of collapse, cities in disarray over the killing of an innocent citizen by the police, and all our president is doing is Twitter. His verbal shells are higher than ever, for all that Donald Trump is no longer the President of the United States. Because of the lack of a constructive response to any of the massive crises that are defeating America now, Trump no longer exists in his position, he no longer rules, but plays golf, watches cable TV, and tweet. How did Trump respond to the widespread unrest that followed the killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis, the black man who died, after a white police officer perched on his neck for minutes, while he was handcuffed to the ground? Trump called the demonstrators "thugs" and threatened to shoot them. "When the looting begins, we will shoot," he tweeted in the same words to the former Miami police chief, whose words led to ethnic riots in the late 1960s. On Saturday, he mocked the demonstrators who tried to storm the White House, saying that "the most ferocious dogs, and the most deadly weapons" are waiting for the protesters outside the White House, if they breach the Secret Service lines.

Zero response

Trump's response has been zero for the last three horrific months of escalating epidemic, and increasing death. Since that time he claims that the Corona virus is a "democratic trick", and has silenced public health officials, and has punished epidemic administration in the states.

State governors had to house breathing devices to keep patients alive, hospital protection equipment and other essential workers who desperately needed them, as Trump left them confused about how, when and where to reopen their economies. Trump took no responsibility whatsoever about the tests and ways to contain the virus. His new "plan" places responsibility on all states in this regard. Trump, too, found himself in the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression. Over 41 million Americans are unemployed, and a fifth of Americans were unable to pay the rent for May.

What is Trump's response? His response was like the thirty-first president, Herbert Hoover, who in 1930 said: "We left the worst behind." As thousands go hungry, Trump says the economy will improve, and does nothing about the growing difficulties. The Democratic-led House of Representatives passed a $ 3 trillion relief package on May 15. Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell suspended the Senate without taking any action, and Trump described the bill as dead on arrival.

What about the other pressing issues that a real president is supposed to address? The House of Representatives passed nearly 400 bills during this first Trump period, including measures to reduce climate change, enhance election security, review arms sales, reactivate the Violence Against Women Act, and reform campaign financing. All of these projects remain trapped in McConnell's mailbox, and Trump does not seem aware of any of them.


There is nothing more important for the head than golf, watching TV, and Twitter. But if this is all the president does, when the nation is mired in crises ... then he is not a president.

When he does not provoke violence against black protesters, he accuses a media figure of murder, works to re-tweet about slander about black political weight, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's looks, and evoke conspiracies against himself, which he claims were organized by former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton , And former President Barack Obama, and encourages his followers to "free their states from the restrictions of the closure."


He is constantly lying. Indeed, Trump does not run the United States government, does not run anything, does not organize anything, does not read notes, hates meetings. Having no patience with the briefings, his white house is in permanent disarray. His advisers do not tell the truth. They are cynical followers and relatives.

Since moving to the Oval Office, in January 2017, Trump has not paid attention to government. He only cares about himself, and the current set of crises reveals how deeply immersed he is, his complete disdain for his job, and his disregard for his position.


Tariq Alngamy


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