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Trump the Deal

Updated on September 23, 2019
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My influences: Kris Kristofferson, Music; Mary Engelbreit, Art; Jack LaLanne, Fitness; Donald Trump, Business; Wayne Dyer, Spiritual.

Even though we have inaugurated our 45th president, I get so irritated at the barrage of bad things being said about Donald Trump. He's a deal-maker. Wait until he makes the deals!

Captain America

Art by Christian Robison
Art by Christian Robison


Pull your pants up and stop shittin' on the Prez.


He doesn't need you. Trump is confident he can save our country. Let him.

A Lady Preacher in my town,

In fact, a Black Lady Preacher, said Trump is 'not fit' to be President.

I've heard her rant and rave (on Facebook) how he is NOT her President.... despickable and uncouth and whatever else she could call him.

And I said, 'You are not fit to preach.'

Out of Pocket - 1986

Ahead of Time and Under Budget

And he wasn't even a Billionaire yet. The full story is right there on the picture.

When has any government project been done in this manner? Never, in my estimation. No one seems to care it's 'Taxpayers' money. It's just expected to be weighted down in red tape and more money than expected. No one expects the government to profit! I say, 'Why not?'

Maybe small apples, but once upon a time I won the bid on a government project. I had to post $1000 up front. When the job was complete, 6 months later, they paid me back with the ORIGINAL CHECK. I expected they would have banked it and drawn interest on it for that 6 months.

That said, the Wollman Rink had NEVER made a profit, plus they never paid for electricity. Under Trump, they turned a profit the first year of $500,000, PLUS paid for electricity. Not only did Trump do the project for free, he never took a wage himself.

Does that sound redundant?

Trump does not intend to take a wage as Prez, either.

The Wollman Rink has also contributed to multiple charities... look 'em up. I was impressed, but didn't keep track. I know, I should be more conscious about what I'm trying to present... but the important thing is, Trump took it upon himself to clean up the atrocities involved in the 'government' trying to save the rink. 6 years and $12 million dollars? I'd say that's an atrocity!

Baby Theodore

Ever wonder why Ivanka named her baby Theodore? Well, I have.

During Theodore Roosevelt's campaign for Presidency, the 'media' was called YELLOW JOURNALISM. Actually, it started way before Roosevelt's campaign. The Spanish-American War was CAUSED by the press! Teddy Roosevelt ran up San Juan Hill and saved the day... and came back a hero. Then, they, the powers that be, put him in as Vice President to keep him still. Well, dang, the President died.

"Now that damned Cowboy is President!" Mark Hanna

And when he ran for the next term, the media threw every lie they could conjure up at him. But he WON.

Not sure the order of his accomplishments, but he built the Panama Canal, mediated the end of the Russo-Japanese War, and was awarded a Nobel Prize for that, he fought big corporate interests, battled the railroad to regulate rates. He was just all over the place.

And you remember, 'Speak softly and carry a big stick'?

Kinda sounds like Trump, and I'm wondering if that inspired his daughter to name her son Theodore. Maybe not, but it sounds good.

Kinda Looks Like Trump, Too...

Theodore Roosevelt
Theodore Roosevelt
Donald Trump
Donald Trump

Today's Yellow Journalism

I don't think I have to say it, but the press did everything they could to destroy Trump's campaign. Yes, he put his foot in his mouth a time or two, and they leaped on it!

He has a tendency to say opposite of what he means, then correct it with a 'NO WAY'. Too late, the press has already pulled his damaging statement and run with it! One of the cute ones was that he threw a baby out of his rally. Well, dang, I watched the whole thing. Baby was crying and he said, 'That's okay. I love babies.' Then the Mama decided to take her out, so he said, 'That's right, get her outta here.' Then he chuckled and said, 'She'll be back.' Sure enough, a few minutes later she brought her back. Trump saw it and commented on it. BUT... the press only picked up 'That's right, get her outta here'!

Following Trump

For many years I have said this country needs to be run by someone who knows business. I was excited when that other outlandish businessman who challenged a Bush and a Clinton, started to run for President. Ross Perot won a staggering 19 percent of the vote in 1992. He ran again in 1996. Then he quit. Then he came back... but it was too late. Understandably, there were threats against his daughter, but who knows if he would have made a good Prez?

So when Donald Trump threw his hat in the ring, again I was excited. Not only was he an outlandish businessman, but I had been following him for many years. No, I didn't go to Trump University, but I read all of his books and a few other real estate gurus as I attempted to become a real estate investor. So far, I have a duplex. I live in one unit and rent/rented the other. It's been trashed a half a dozen times and I've only had one tenant who paid his rent! When you have one rental unit and it is vacant, you're out of business.

But that didn't stop me from admiring Trump. Two of his books were about this country and what he would do if he were running it.

"The America We Deserve is Donald Trump's position paper on the major political issues facing our country. He offers no-nonsense, populist, provocative, and dramatic solutions that no ordinary politician would dare put forward." Amazon

Trump wrote this book in 2000. Some of the situations have changed, but his ideas are correct. I'd have to re-read the book to get any exact estimation on it, but I recall being so greatly impressed by it.

Crippled America - 2015

Now, this book I should remember better, but I don't. I just know it was direct and to the point how to FIX our country... and I know he can.

The DEAL, Man, The Deal

1st Book - 1987

Trump: The Art of the Deal is considered one of the most successful business books of all time. A business classic. And I own it, plus a half a dozen of his other books. Many times I have gone back and studied this book. Here he presents the impressive story of Wollman Rink... in fact, he relates how one contractor said if the rink wasn't ready to open by the next season, he would resign his job. A year passed and true to his word, he resigned.

But... he went on to say, this contractor was later assigned to build a prison.

This brings me to one point I don't agree with Trump on... Prison has become a MAJOR industry in the United States. I know. I have been seeing a man in prison for 20-some years.

In 1995 we hit 1 million people in prison. Now think about that. That was in 200 plus years. A short 10 years later, we hit 2 million. What's wrong with this picture? Maybe we need to educate our new Prez on the evils of Mass Incarceration. There's a lot of good men doing TIME.

I do accept the fact he's not going to do anything to help me get my man out of prison, but I knew that from the start. I believe he is going to be good for our country in all other respects... so...

Donald Trump, You're Hired!

Tiana Dreymor - January 10, 2017

Possibility [Update: Sept. 2019]

Trump's Prison Reform may have reverbations on down to Ohio. There is a bill being submitted for Parole Board reform which may get my man out of prison. I didn't expect that from Trump, so that is a pleasant surprise.

© 2017 Tiana Dreymor


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