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Trump and his unsafe USA

Updated on December 7, 2015

Don’t let Trump’s appeal to our basest instincts ruin our country.

Trump’s fear-mongering runs counter to our country’s interest and our official stance.

Trump’s divisive stances are appealing to the basest instincts of our red staters.

Trump’s demagoguery is providing him with a huge lead over his GOP presidential competitors.

Who would be safe in Trump’s America?

Trump’s fear-mongering runs counter to our country’s interest and our official stance.

The article “San Bernardino Shooting: A Look At Why People Don't Report Suspicious Activity” states “In the wake of Wednesday's violence in San Bernardino, California, questions resurfaced about what more can be done to prevent mass shootings in the U.S……

FBI Director James Comey suggested the latter after U.S. Justice Department surveillance failed to flag the Inland Regional Center shooting that killed 14. "We know this is very unsettling for the people of the United States," Comey said at a Friday news conference. "What we hope you will do is not let fear become disabling, but to instead try to channel it into an awareness of your surroundings to get you to a place where you are living your life. But if you see something that doesn't make sense, you say something to somebody."”

The article “Trump on San Bernardino Response: ‘I Would Be So Tough”’ states “Donald Trump won’t say what he would do to terrorists in this country because it would get him in “trouble.”

Trump wants to send us back to our gun-toting, wild-west days as the article states “He also repeated his line about the Paris terrorist attacks that gun ownership would have stopped the shooters in California.

“And by the way, by the way, if the people in Paris or the people in California, if you had a couple of folks in there with guns, and that knew how to use them, and they were in that room, you wouldn’t have dead people, the dead people would be the other guys.”

Trump knows how divisive he is and he is practicing responses to this failing as the article states “He blamed Obama for dividing the country.”

Trump’s divisive stances are appealing to the basest instincts of our red staters.

The article “Donald Trump is a bigot and a racist”states “Let’s not mince words: Donald Trump is a bigot and a racist. …..

But there is a greater imperative not to be silent in the face of demagoguery. Trump in this campaign has gone after African Americans, immigrants, Latinos, Asians, women, Muslims and now the disabled. His pattern brings to mind the famous words of Martin Neimoller, the pastor and concentration camp survivor (“First they came for the socialists…”)”

Trump has been like this for generations as the article states “It has been more than a quarter century since Trump took out ads in New York newspapers calling for the death penalty for “criminals of every age” after five black and Latino teens were implicated in the Central Park jogger case.”

The article deals with his current stances as the article states “Since then, Trump led the “birther” movement challenging President Obama’s standing as a natural-born American; used various vulgar expressions to refer to women; spoke of Mexico sending rapists and other criminals across the border; called for rounding up and deporting 11 million illegal immigrants; had high-profile spats with prominent Latino journalists and news outlets; mocked Asian accents; let stand a charge made in his presence that Obama is a Muslim and that Muslims are a “problem” in America; embraced the notion of forcing Muslims to register in a database; falsely claimed thousands of Muslims celebrated the 9/11 attacks in New Jersey; tweeted bogus statistics asserting that most killings of whites are done by blacks; approved of the roughing up of a black demonstrator at one of his events; and publicly mocked the movements of New York Times (and former Washington Post) journalist Serge Kovaleski, who has a chronic condition limiting mobility.”

The article deals with the demographic characteristics of Trump’s supporters as the article states “Though all Trump supporters surely aren’t racists or bigots, even a cursory examination of social media reveals that many are. Those supporting Trump tend to be white, less-educated and middle-aged and older – those who are anxious and angry because they are losing ground as the American economy changes. An analysis of the latest Washington Post-ABC News poll by my colleague Scott Clement found that Trump, who has the support of 14 percent of registered voters overall, does particularly well among white men who aren’t college-educated (24 percent) and white, non-evangelical Protestants (27 percent), but gets only 3 percent of non-whites and 5 percent of those under 30 years old.”

Trump’s demagoguery is providing him with a huge lead over his GOP presidential competitors.

The article “Donald Trump opens 'yuge' lead over GOP field in CNN/ORC national poll” states “Donald Trump is the top choice of more than one out of every three Republican and Republican-leaning registered voters, according to the results of a new CNN/ORC poll released Friday. And it's not even close — at 36 percent, Trump's closest competitor for the GOP presidential nomination is Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, at 16 percent.”

How do these red staters pick Trump’s demagoguery in every issue as the article states “In Friday's CNN/ORC poll, regardless of whom they plan to vote for, majorities or pluralities said Trump is best qualified to tackle issues related to the economy (55 percent, with Cruz next closest at 9 percent), illegal immigration (48 percent to Rubio's 14 percent), foreign policy (30 percent to Cruz's 17 percent), the Islamic State (46 percent to Cruz's 15 percent) and the federal budget (51 percent to Cruz's 10 percent).”

Remember how Ronald Reagan was adored by red staters? He was a movie actor who could spout a few lies and appeal to red staters’ fear and anger. Remember Reagan’s phrase Its morning in America again"? Isn’t that almost identical to Trump’s phrase you see in the background of his speeches?

The article “Donald Trump is polling better than ever. Here’s why.”states “In CNN/ORC's poll, more than half of Republicans think undocumented immigrants should be deported -- a far larger percentage than of Democrats or independents. Among Trump supporters, the number hits two-thirds. That's despite the fact that most Republicans don't think deportation is even possible. Which is squarely in Trump's wheelhouse: Anger at a thing but not having a clear way of fixing it.”

Who would be safe in Trump’s America?

He has threatened to deport 11 million illegal immigrants. He wants to force Muslims to register in a -database. He wants the death penalty for criminals of every age. He approved of the roughing up of a black demonstrator. He used various vulgar expressions to refer to women.

Who would be safe in Trump’s America other than a select few ,WASP, top 1% males?

This isn’t the America that is a” beacon of hope” to the world. Trump’s America is more like Orwell’s “1984”.


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