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Trump Uses "Socialist" Rhetoric In Iowa

Updated on June 15, 2019
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I watched Donald Trump demean those he feels threatened by and it doesn't take him long to go after them.

Trump goes to Iowa
Trump goes to Iowa

A quick rundown on Trump talking

Unlike a Donald Trump rally, he kept it low town, but still kept the rhetoric high and Lying Trump couldn't help himself. Maybe, he's been lying for so long, he doesn't know how to tell the truth?

A quick rundown of what he had to say is pretty easy as it the same rhetoric he tweets everyday.

  • Democratic Party has never been angrier.
  • Everyday the Democrats are becoming more and more unhinged; more and more extreme, going crazy.
  • Democrats more dangerous and radical, than on border security
  • Mexico is doing more for border security than the Democrats.
  • Trump talked about his victory; BIG!
  • Took a Poll: Make America Great Again or Keep America Great.
  • He called it his America First Dinner.
  • Talked about his great tax cuts
  • Drilling in Alaska, trying since Reagan; we got it done.
  • Eliminated the Death Taxes
  • I did away with job killing legislation, Obama assaulted America with job killing legislation
  • US now the largest supplier of gas and oil
  • Made a great deal with Mexico
  • Wait to see what comes out of China, it's gonna be great!
  • Japan- open to cattle, large amounts
  • Get out and Vote! Taxes are gonna quadruple under the Democrats
  • Get out and Vote! It's all coming back under the Democrats
  • No Collusion, 18 ugly Democrats
  • Democrats are socialists, out of touch
  • Democrats want open borders to let in the drug dealers, murderers
  • I stopped taxpayer funded abortion industry
  • Republicans believe that every life is a sacred gift from God.

Trump on Democratic Socialists

First of all, let me clarify, that Democrats are not socialists, but it's election time and the Party of Trump must make sure to feed that to their followers.

Compared to the other things he talked about, almost like a bullet point speech to make sure he covered everything, he wend a little longer on the Democratic Socialists.

He said it was easy for socialists to say "we're going to give you this and that for free when we're doing well" and he goes on to make a case that nothing is free and somebody has to pay for it. And then the icing on the cake, "they'll destroy this country."

Then quickly went on to another rant, listening intently to what else he was going to say, he said "So, I asked congress and it's one case, to prohibit late term abortions".

Then shifted gears again and said Democrats are more deranged and radical on border security.

Dead beat Trump

While Trump was calling Democrats socialists and wanting things for free and making it clear that "nothing is free, you gotta pay for it" Trump was apparently not including himself in that reasoning.

Socialist Trump wants everything he can get for free. It's been reported many times that Trump highers immigrant labor and then deports them without pay. He hires companies to do work and then he claims it wasn't up to his standard and doesn't pay.

As President of the United States, that hasn't changed. It's been two years since his inauguration and he still hasn't paid the $7 million owed for his party. Who pays for this then? The taxpayer, with funds coming from the DC Emergency Planning and Security Fund, who funds were cut massively since Trump took office.

While campaigning since 2016, he has amassed a debt of $841,219, due to the fine men and women in blue who supplied additional security at the request of the Secret Service in several cities. His campaign, reported that they had $48 million in March and yet they still have not made good on the money owed to the police officers. What is even more interesting, is that the Trump campaign has not reported any debt in their Federal Election filings.

Donald J. Trump needs to look into his own expectations of socialist behavior before he starts lying about Democrats and socialism.

© 2019 Lady Liberty


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