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Trump Makes His Own Laws

Updated on May 9, 2019
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`Trump has no empathy for anyone except It's hard to believe Ivanka justifies what her father is doing too hard working People. Trump is evi

Trump is crooked

Donald Trump being president of the United States Americans should be worried about the faith of our country under the leadership of Trump. For two years Trump not shown his responsibilities to the people or America only to himself. He is never sure or what he will say or do, he makes things up without thinking.

Trump Was Warn about North Korea

The Former President warned Trump and his administration that Kim Jong of North Korea would be his toughest problem. Trump wanted to accomplish something no other President had ever done, that was negotiated with Kim Jong. Trump said he and Kim Jong had fallen in love now Kim is still testing missiles.

Trump needs to resign

Trump has shown the Americans two years of pure hell. Trump job as president is to protect and serve the people and our nation, Trump works for us, the American people. Trump is a walking disease that has spread throughout our nation with no one finding a cure. Trump has divided our nation where people don't believe in each other. When Trump was elected he said it was time for America to wrap the wounds disbursement. Trump time in office shows no proof of nothing but corruption. Our country is divided because of Donald Trump the president of the United States.

It's Up To Democrats to Protect America

Democrats have the house and need to work as hard as they can to protect our country and the American people. Trump and his administration were basically cleared by William Barr, Trump attorney General of collusion and conspiracy.

William Barr will never show the complete Robert Mueller report, it will be redacted. For two years the America people paid for this report and deserve to see what Trump is hiding. This president believes that he is above the laws set aside for every America.

It is a custom that presidents show their tax return but Trump refuses, his tax return is being audited. Sarah Saunder the press secretary said that Democrats are not smart enough to read and understand Trump Taxex return, she is calling Democrats stupid. Democrats have given the IRS a deadline to turn over Trump Tax return by April 23/2019. The Law in this country his clear that Trump Tax Return should be turned over to the house.

What is on Trump hiding on his Tax Return? The American people know that The president is hiding something and will do anything he can do to block the American people from seeing his taxes. Is he as rich as he says he is, is he donating as much to charity or is he on Russia payroll?

Trump is lashing out at Ilahan Omar tweeting a video picture of the September 11 terror attack to Omar the first Muslim women elected to Congress. President Trump will get someone hurt with his rhetoric and unpredictable behavior. Before Trump was elected president, things weren't perfect but with Trump, he has caused nothing but Chaos. Trump has divided America, some people are lashing out others because of their race, religion, and ethnicity.



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