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Trumper Remorse?

Updated on December 6, 2016

Did you know?

These are question for the Trump voter

-Did you know the Trump appointment for Treasury Steve Mnuchin is a former Goldman Sachs hedge fund trader? That he is a career Wall Street broker that got rich (with George Soros) foreclosing on 36,000 homes? Is that the draining the swamp you were promised?

-Did you know the Trump appointment for Attorney General Jeff Sessions is a career politician having served in office over 30 years? In 1986, President Reagan tapped Sessions to serve as a judge of the U.S. District Court in Alabama, but the Senate found him too racist for the post, (too racist for ALABAMA!?) and he became only the second nominee in 50 years to be denied an appointment? Did you know Sessions opposed the Violence Against Women Act and the expansion of anti-hate legislation to include sexual orientation? He also fought the removal of the Confederate flag from public buildings. Is this the man to make laws for ALL Americans? and again, is that the draining the swamp you were promised?

-Did you know the Trump appointment for Housing and Urban Development Dr. Ben Carson has absolutely no experience in housing, real estate or urban development? Did you know that he repeatedly lied saying he received a scholarship he never got to West Point? He also believes that homosexuality is a choice proven by jailhouse sex. Did you know Carson believes that this theory (evolution) that Darwin came up with was something that was encouraged by Satan and it has become just what is scientifically politically correct? Would Dr. Carson allow a Dr. with absolutely no experience or knowledge of a type of medicine to operate on one of his patients? Would you? Is that acceptable for a person running a massive government agency?

-Did you know the Trump appointment for Education Secretary Betsy Devos is the architect of Detroit’s failing charter school system?Did you know even charter school advocates acknowledge Michigan is the biggest school reform disaster in the country. Did you know that after more than a decade of Ms. DeVos' statewide education policies, Michigan has the dubious distinction of being one of five states with declining reading scores. Did you know that Devos is another billionaire anti-gay activist donating millions to oppose marriage equality? Is this the type of person that should be leading the educational efforts for ALL American students?

And in another matter- Did you know that according to the chief tax counsel for the Senate Finance Committee and the very conservative Tax Foundation the Trump tax plan could actually raise the tax burden on millions of low- and middle-income families? For example a single parent making $75,000 with two children could see a tax increase of $2,440. Did you know in the Trump tax plan the top 1% would get 50% of the all the benefits of his tax cuts? A millionaire, for example, would get an average tax cut of $317,000 with most getting a significantly larger break.

And just as a last side bar-

-Did you know Mike Pence condones conversion therapy to 'cure' homosexuality? That he proposed that mothers pay for a funeral of an aborted fetus? He is also a climate science denialist, stating that “global warming is a myth”.

There's more - he is appointing at a record pace but honestly overall the prerequisites seem to be the same. Trump is surrounding himself with a team of rich, homophobic, science deniers of varying degrees. The vast majority are government and/or Wall Street insiders and all think that the wealthy are the 'job creators' and ruling class that should make policy for the rest of us. If you are a Trump voter- how are you ok with that? Where is the outrage that he's not draining the swamp but filling it with lifetime swamp dwellers? Why aren't you holding Trump's feet to the fire for practicing EXACTLY the kind of government/corporate cronyism he campaigned against? Nothing I have said about any of the Trump appointee's can be disputed its all FACT which mattered before this election and still does to me. We have a President-elect at war with facts. One who cannot even admit he lost the popular vote by over 2,000,000. Knowing what you know now and after seeing him in action -Are you still glad you voted for Trump?

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    • Alternative Prime profile image

      Alternative Prime 17 months ago from > California

      Well said John ~ Paul Ryan is a PATHETIC Spineless "CORPORATE Puppet" Bought & Paid for by the ANTI-American Koch Brothers et al ~

      But one advantage he has over Trump whom he DESPISES, is Political Experience ~ If Trump becomes our President GOD Forbid, and that's still a "BIG IF" considering we're already at ODDs with CHINA due to his Negligence, Americans are concerned that Ryan might be able to "Manipulate & CONTROL" or "TRICK" Trump into executing his & the KOCH Brothers ANTI American Radical Agenda of "PRIVATIZING" Medicare & Social Security and repealling OBAMACARE when Trump Pledged to STRENGTHEN both & make HEALTHCARE More Affordable, not Unilaterally REVOKE it from 25 MILLION Americans ~

      Paul Ryan's a SLICK Experienced WEASEL who's primary objective is and always has been to "ENRICH the RICH" ~ we just hope n' pray Trump's smart and tough enough to handle him ~

    • profile image

      @betterstrangers 17 months ago

      Agreed I have far less respect for Ryan than any of them. A politician at his core -NOW supports Trump? A man without conviction or moral fiber Paul Ryan is a human cypher.

    • Alternative Prime profile image

      Alternative Prime 17 months ago from > California

      NICE Article John ~ The ONLY Difference between this & other SWAMPS is that this one is Filling up to the brim with "DREGs of Society" including ANTI-American FRAUDSTERs, Communists, NAZIs etc all of whom have one thing in common, a DISDAIN for America & Americans & Admiration for Vladimir Putin & Adolf Hitler ~

      One ANTI-American individual who was not APPOINTED by Trump is Speaker Paul Ryan who is OWNED & Controlled by CORPORATE America and he's FORCED to Attack all citizens who are not EXTREMELY Wealthy ~ He's been on a MISSION to "PRIVATIZE & Strip" Americans of their Medicare & Social Security Benefits, and to STRIP 25 MILLION Americans from their HEALTHCARE via Ripping Up OBAMACARE ~ These are INSTRUCTIONs from his WEALTHY Donors and if he can Manipulate Trump, the war will begin to STOP him from Achieving his RADICAL Agenda ~