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Trumpism is a Virus That Will NOT Make America Great Again

Updated on October 16, 2016
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Michelle Obama in New Hampshire
Michelle Obama in New Hampshire

Michelle Obama’s speech in New Hampshire was a total indictment of Donald Trump’s behavior toward women. In her own words, she described how hard it was for her that a candidate for the President of the United States was sexual assaulting women. The thought of that statement alone should have made us all feel appalled. After hearing her speech, all Americans should pause and think about how this will look to our children and the entire world if we elected a man, who bragged about assaulting women to be our President.

Donald Trump’s Antics Makes Him Unfit

Donald Trump is a 70 years old man, who acts like a rich, spoiled 8 years old boy. He throws a temper tantrum every time something is said that he doesn’t like. Trump blames everybody else for the negative media attention he is receiving when it was his own words and behavior. He really thought parading those Bill Clinton’s accuser out right before the debate was going to rattle Hillary Clinton and he would win the debate. It boomerangs on him when he denied doing the things he bragged about in the video tape. Once the ladies heard him deny what he bragged about doing, they came out to tell everybody that he did do what he bragged about on the video tape. Since he has been confronted by the women that he sexual assaulted, Trump is now verbally assaulting these women as his supporters cheer him on and his surrogates lose their credibility defending his behavior. He can’t say anything about Bill Clinton, who is not running for President when he is a sexual predator according to his own words on a videotape. With Bill Clinton, it is he says, she says, but with Trump, he validates these women’s claims of sexual assault by bragging to Billy Bush. Even though the Trump’s supporters and surrogates are blaming it on the media and Clinton’s campaign, but it was Donald Trump’s own word that confirms these women’s claim of sexual assault.

From day one of his campaign, Trump has been a bully and insulted a large group of Americans. He rose to power in the Republican Party by trying to delegitimize the first Black President of the United States which says a lot about the people who voted for him. Trump has called Mexicans rapist and criminals, a ban on Muslims, disrespected, body shame, as well as call women ugly names, insulted a Gold Star Family, insulted John McCain (POW), and the list of his antics that makes him unfit to be President go on and on… Trump is not worried because as he has said before that his supporters will support him even if he stood in the middle of 5th Avenue and murder, someone. As Trump continues with his scorch earth campaign strategy, some of his supporters should realize that this man is not fit to be President. He doesn’t have the temperament nor the basic knowledge to be the Commander-in-Chief. It’s the hatred in their heart for Hillary Clinton that is the driving force to support such an unqualified and appalling candidate. Trump is depending on people who is feeling left behind as well as the ones who are prejudice and racist to continue to believe all his lies. Rather than speak truth about his own behavior is the reason he would NEVER be President, Trump tells his supporters that the election is rigged to keep him from looking like a loser on November 8th. It doesn’t matter if he causes a violent riot in this country as long as his supporters believe the election was stolen from them and not that he lost because he was unfit and disrespectful to women. It is very selfish of him to prey upon his own supporters in that manner.

Jerry Falwell Jr.
Jerry Falwell Jr.
Pat Robertson
Pat Robertson
Gary Bauer
Gary Bauer
Steve Scheffler
Steve Scheffler
Ralph Reed
Ralph Reed
Robert Jeffress
Robert Jeffress
Tony Perkins
Tony Perkins

Evangelicals, Catholics & the Religious Right Choose Politics Over Belief

As Donald Trump goes down in a landslide defeat, the Evangelicals and Christians who supported him will go down as well. They will never have any credibility when it comes to speaking about the Word of God or moral decency. They made it very clear as to why they can’t vote for Hillary Clinton, which seems reasonable, but it’s the excuses they make to support and vote for Trump that will TARNISH them forever.

People use to have a lot of respect for Evangelicals and Christians, but their double standards especially this year in the Presidential Election will hurt them for years to come. It shows that they are not committed to their own beliefs or follow the things God has laid out in the Bible. They have embraced and condoned everything Donald Trump has done and said about women, Mexicans, Muslims, Central Park 5, a Gold Star Family, and made fun of disable people.

Bravo to the ones who chooses their Christian’s faith over a man that Jesus, HIMSELF would reject the things he has done and said without making excuses for them. This man is unraveling before our eyes and people of faith are willing to choose to support him over following their beliefs. It’s sad that good people have decided to cross over to the dark side to support a very disgraceful man.


Trumpism consists of bullying, insults, divisive, disruptive, polarizing, conspiracies, fear mongering, xenophobia, islamophobia, misogynist, and outright lies. It will NEVER Make America Great Again. It has brought out the worse in so many people. Trump’s supporters are innocent and so blinded by hatred, anger, and feeling left behind for so long until they can’t even think rationally. Trump has tapped into that and branded himself as their champion. Every American should have great concerns about the things this man has been saying the last 3 weeks in this Presidential Election. The media is reporting and raising questions about why he is telling his supporters the election is rigged. This man is going to start a violent riot and somebody needs to call him out on it and get in front of it before things get out of hand. Donald Trump is not running to win the White House anymore. He has unleashed the deadliest virus on our democracy that is going to cause a lot of unrest and possible death in our country.

Will the American People just sit back and allow Trumpism to leave a worse stain than slavery on the United States of America? We all need to do some soul searching here and decide once and for all on what kind of country we want. Will our better angels come out or will Trumpism terrorize our country for years to come? The choice will be ours!

© 2016 Mae Merriweather aka Boss Lady Mae


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    • profile image


      19 months ago

      You have to be insane or so bias in your judgment to honestly continue to defend the views of this President. There is nothing on moral or ethical grounds to stand on and nothing in terms of Christain values to claim good practices. You have to be sworn to your own destruction unless you our very wealthy to believe he has any benefits for the ordinary person. He represents no one I know including the generally racist lost in conspiricy and brain washed talk radio worshipping lunatics of non-mainstream reality people who need to blame someone for their own sense of lost possibilities. No benefits will be coming for anyone who is not already wealthy and making life for people who our already made miserable will not be changing your future anytime soon. What a great health care plan and I can hardly wait to see the tax plan for a 20 trillion debt where corporations already pay no taxes despite having the highest tax rate in the world. Those taxes rest on ordinary people and small buisinesses.

    • MizBejabbers profile image

      Doris James-MizBejabbers 

      23 months ago from Beautiful South

      Well, voters made their choice, now we'll see what happens. It can't be good. Need I remind readers that the last two times that a Democrat won the popular vote, the electoral college or the courts gave the election to the GOP candidate (Bush and Trump) I think we have every reason to believe that Trump told one truth: The election was rigged.

    • Austinstar profile image


      2 years ago from Somewhere near the center of Texas

      Good hub! At least a few people recognize - "Trumpism consists of bullying, insults, divisive, disruptive, polarizing, conspiracies, fear mongering, xenophobia, islamophobia, misogynist, and outright lies."

      We really can't say it often enough.

      Trumpism is a dangerous, misguided CULT! And their leader? He is quite possibly suffering from the early form of Alzheimer's disease like his father. At the very least, he seems to have dementia.

      His cult followers, however, just seem to be deaf, dumb, and blind.


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