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Trump's 4th of July Celebration

Updated on July 5, 2019
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Donald Trump got his day, but looked disappointed and wet. A Salute to America, Trumps celebration.

Trump morning tweet, doesn't get what it's costing the taxpayers
Trump morning tweet, doesn't get what it's costing the taxpayers

It's my party, finally!

In 2017, Donald Trump attended the Bastille Day festivities in France with the French President; where the French celebration included a military parade, a ball, a cruise down the Seine to admire the fireworks from the best seat in the house.

Since that day, Trump called for a grand celebration on the 4th of July, the cost was going to be in the ballpark of $92 million dollars. After much negative press and protests pertaining to the excessive cost. Trump announced that he would not be having on in 2018, but that he would be having one.

This fourth of July, Trump held true to his promise. He was going to have his parade at any cost. The lack of transparency from the Trump administration has left everyone wondering exactly how much was spent on this grand celebration.

On July 3rd at 9:30 am, Trump showed America that he has no sense of cost or value of things. Just like the time he said, we had to show ID to buy milk. Trump just doesn't get it or he doesn't care as long as he gets what he wants.

Military power one, Trumps show of force.
Military power one, Trumps show of force.
Military power two
Military power two

It wasn't free

Let's throw out some facts for the American people. It's obvious that Trump has never had to pay for anything. He doesn't pay taxes, he doesn't pay his debt, he files law suits to avoid payments. When he was broke, daddy bailed him out and after daddy, his "fixer" attorney's have kept him out of financial trouble.

The average taxpayer is making less than a livable wage and parade of this kind is not cheap, our tax dollars are being spent frivolously.

  1. These military crafts came from Georgia, California, Florida, Virginia, Maryland, Missouri, Kentucky and New Jersey. So, Trump lied to the American people when he tweeted the airport is next door, like all the equipment was coming from there.
  2. An M1A1 tank holds 490 gallons of fuel, each tank has a crew of 4, the tank commander, gunner, loader and driver.
  3. When they had difficulty getting the tanks through an overpass, cranes were brought in to assist. These cranes weren't free.
  4. The cost to bring the tanks from Georgia was not cheap.
  5. The number of military crafts: approximately 23. Air Force 1, MH60 Jay Hawk Helicopter, MH65 Dolphin Helicopter, HC144 Ocean Sentry, B2- Stealth Bomber, (2) F-22 Raptors, (2) F-18 Super Hornets, (2) F-35 Lightnings, (2) V-22 Ospreys, VH92- Helicopter, (4) Apache Helicopters, Blue Angels, Navy C5, (2) M1A1 Tanks and (2) Bradley Fighting Vehicle, aka. APC (armored personnel carrier.) These require, fuel and personnel to fly and maintain the aircraft as well as the armored vehicles. Example, an M1A1 costs a minimum of $19K per month to maintain.
  6. The logistics of getting the military equipment, personnel quarters while they are in DC is additional costs.
  7. The $24,000 bullet proof shield that was built for Trump's speech.
  8. According to the pentagon, the cost of the fly overs was well over $1 million dollars.

When our own government hides information that our tax dollars are paying for, that is taxation without representation. As taxpayers it is our right to have that information, but can we trust that if we are given information, that it will be correct?

A Trump Production
A Trump Production

A Salute to America

Trump's evening was the perfect production, put on by a television reality actor. Sadly, it was like everything that is Trump marred with lies and suspicion; which took away from a celebration that should have been about our country and its history.

The state parks, whose budget was cut is now having to cough up $2.5 million dollars to offset some on the cost of this Trumpian event.

Phantom Fireworks, CEO Bruce Zaldon, who lobbied Trump to hold off on the $300 billion additional tariff's to China that included fireworks donated the fireworks for this event along with Fireworks by Grucci. Trump announced the donations the same day he announced holding off on the additional tariff's to China.

Mr. & Mr. Donald J Trump
Mr. & Mr. Donald J Trump

Why so glum?

Trump got everything he wanted so why so glum?

Other than letting the world know his historical ignorance when he said that we had airports during the revolutionary war and then confusing with War of 1812 and the Revolutionary War.

One day removed from this grand celebration he just had to have and he's moved on, not but one mention on twitter?

© 2019 Lady Liberty


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