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Trump's Bluff With Iran Fails

Updated on September 18, 2019

Actions Do Speak Louder Than Words

For all the tough guy talk from the White House via President Trump, America's adversaries know Trump is really a wimp when it comes to military action. Remember how Trump chastised President Obama for failing to send missiles into Syria after they crossed the "red line" imposed? Trump is no different, another wimp that talks tough. There is no point in having the world's most powerful military if you never use it, even a little, to send a message to belligerent nations sowing war upon others.

This will be the second time Iran called Trump's bluff. The first was when Iran shot down the American drone and Trump called off the attack just before it was to begin. I guess he chickened out. Now, even worse, Iran launched cruise missiles from Iran and destroyed some of the Saudi oil capacity. But it does get worse. Iran has since told the UAE and Bahrain, both oil producers, they could also become targets. This is no idle threat. Trump said that America will act upon what the Saudis want to do. Since when do we need to defend the Saudis? Are we just Saudi mercenaries?

Trump's Response

Trump has tweeted that he does not want war. So far, he has refused the temptation despite Iran taunting him with these acts of war. A tough guy whom the Iranians are toying with. All Trump wants to do now is more sanctions. As if more of the same will change Iran at all. Iran already has the worse sanctions and piling more will not add that much more pain. There is a reason for this: China.

Iran has the China card. The Chinese and Iran have recently signed a $400 billion trade agreement to develop the vast amounts of oil and natural gas. In addition, there are numerous deals that the Chinese will build to improve infrastructure and trade on Chinese goods. China has been buying the Iranian oil available on the market, as have India. These two countries are Iran's lifeline from the sanctions imposed. These two countries are not abiding, not do they have to, to the American and European sanctions. In fact, France has offered Iran a $12 million loan. So, Trump's additional sanctions will be just a paltry, weak, response to Iran's attack on Saudi Arabia. Trump's response is the most safe response but one that will just signal to Iran to continue.

Of course, Trump always states that America is "cocked and loaded" with the world's greatest power, but Iran has taught lesser nations how to challenge the US by using drones and cruise missile technology that came from Russia and China. Both of these nations are more than willing to sell them to any country willing to pay the price. China and Russia will always be a foe to the US, even in good times. Trump wants to talk to Iran. How arrogant of him to think he can swoon the Iranians into some sort of deal to not get a nuclear weapon. How naive is Trump? The Iranians are playing Trump like a school kid. The scary thing about this is that it teaches other countries, like North Korea, how to handle someone like Trump.

The Bottom Line

Iran is getting support despite sanctions. Sanctions do not work. If the US were to do a blockade of their ports, that may get their attention and is safer than a surgical military strike on Iran. But options are few. Trump is showing that he is unwilling to use American military strength, in whatever form, against Iran. Just like Obama. Iran is not going to talk when they have called Trump's bluff. Perhaps, Trump should walk the talk and send in a few missiles at strategic locations unannounced.

It is time to send a message to Iran and the world.


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