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Trump's Impeachment Bombshells

Updated on November 16, 2019

The Ambassador to the Ukraine, Yovanovitch, and others, like Taylor and Kent, all have given strong testimony showing that POTUS acted with an abuse of power, at minimum. At worse, it shows corruption, secret back channels to get dirt on Biden, and extortion\bribery.

But other details have emerged. For instance, where did the seed idea to create a back channel to investigate Trump's main rival in 2020 election, where did the wacky idea that the Ukraine, not Russia, meddled in the 2016 election, where did the insane idea come from that the Democratic server was hidden in the Ukraine. Where did POTUS get these right-wing conspiracy theories from?

In her testimony, Yovanovitch, alluded to that the only person who would benefit from his chaos, is Putin. She went further suggesting that it is a KGB tactic to distract foes with disinformation that puts Russia in innocent light. The seed idea for all this may have been planted by Putin in their private, undisclosed, discussions. Just raising all these theories baited a gullible Trump. Trump, with the seed planted in his mind, over time, began to believe them enough to have Guiliani and his Russian friends (now indicted) to create the back channel to conduct the investigations. Trump also was baited into believing that the corrupt Ukrainian prosecutor was the opposite to what the US Ambassador and EU members knew. Trump was baited to believe that Biden did something wrong. All of these put Russia in a better position and light. They create chaos in the American political system and distract from in foreign affairs. With Trump believing it was Ukraine, not Russia, who meddled in the 2016 election, clears Russia from wrongdoing. Trump's Russian friends also may have reinforced these Putin talking points.

The Russian influence on American foreign policy in favor of Putin is exemplified by Trump's action in January 2019. The US Navy was going to sail into the Black Sea in a show of force. This was in opposition to the Russian seizure of Crimea, formerly part of the Ukraine. This operation was approved by John Bolton and was set to happen. However, when Trump heard about it, he immediately contacted Bolton and was told to pressure the USN to cancel the naval operation, Trump was afraid of angering Putin. This show of force in the Black Sea never happened.

Putin smiled then and continues to smile in Syria, where Trump suddenly withdrew American forces along the Turkish border and handed over American built bases there to Russia.

Anyone who does not think there is a Putin-Trump cooperation is not connecting the dots.


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