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Trump's National Emergency

Updated on February 18, 2019

Just when I thought it couldn’t happen… Trump Just Got Dumber and I think I also got dumber listening to him. Unless you have been living under a rock the last month you have heard about Trump’s National Emergency at the border wall. Well on Feb. 15 Trump declared a National Emergency to force Americans to pay for idiotic wall at the Mexico/American border.

No matter how much data is released stating that a wall will not affect anything, no matter how much information indicates that the drugs are coming in through our ports of entry, not the borders, no matter how much data says that the crime rates are down in areas without the wall having any effect on the crime rates… Trump continues to lie and create stories about the war we are having at the border.

In reality, what is happening is there are many people who are trying to come to America to live a better life for themselves and for their children. I’m a mother and I would do the same thing for my kids. Also, if we are so upset about illegal immigrants taking our jobs, taking free handouts, breaking laws, etc… why are we not punishing the Americans that are paying the illegal immigrants to work for them. If there were no jobs for the illegal immigrants and no money for them to make then I’m guessing that most of the immigrants would not be as desperate to come to America. So until we fix the root of the problem which is American employers hiring illegal immigrants for low wages we are going to continue to have issues with illegal immigrants coming to America.

Also, while we are looking at the root causes of things why are we not trying to figure out why we have so many Americans that are purchasing drugs. We have an opioid epidemic in this country and building a wall at the border is not going to solve this problem. We need to begin making systematic changes to our law, our schools, and our society if we want to get to the root of the countries’ opioid epidemic.

During Trump’s National Emergency Wall Announcement, he stated in his speech that he doesn’t have to have the wall built now. He stated he could wait, but by making a national emergency declaration, he can get his wall faster. So Trump contradicted his national emergency announcement by saying it wasn’t an emergency to get it done now. I don’t understand how people continue to support him. So many people that he has surrounded himself with are dirty and criminals. They have indicted and placed in jail, but we are supposed to believe that Trump’s hands are spotless. I think you have to be completely naive to think that Trump is an outstanding citizen who didn’t do anything illegal to get elected.

It’s time to wake up and realize that this president is in Russia’s pocket and has no idea what he is talking about. He has single handily destroyed America and now in 2020, we have to actually vote in a president that will indeed make America Great Again because we elected someone in 2016 who destroyed America and all she stood for. So we need to fix what Trump broke.

Also, may I remind everyone that we are all immigrants, unless you are Native American. We all came to America in hopes of a better life. Yes, many of us came legally but maybe this means we need to take a look at our immigration policies. Are we making it too difficult for a person to become a legal immigrant in this country? There needs to be serious immigration reform, and yes people need to come here legally but if you are going to blame anyone you have to start with Americans themselves. We are the ones employing them, paying them low wages, we are the ones buying the drugs, we are the ones using the drugs, and until this stops the cycle will continue.


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