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Trumps Speech: Same as It Ever Was.

Updated on August 28, 2020

You can tell its getting closer to the Presidential election, that will determine, the future of the US. Biden's running mate and potential VP, (Vice-President) Kamala Harris, attacked Trump on his record of COVID. Also, his handling on the subject of race. Meanwhile, Trump accepted the nomination to re-run for the job of President. It seems, polls are stacked against Trump, as Biden appears to be in the lead, but things can change.

Trump gave a 70-minute speech on the White House lawn. Defying COVID-19, 1,500 people gathered to hear the President's tirade. Trump was appealing to his base, with the usual subjects that ensured his election in 2016, the first time around.

Trump described the stark choice (as he sees it) between himself and Biden. It would be, in Trump's words, a choice between his "achievements" and what he called the "radicalism of Joe Biden". Trump warned that a Biden America would dismantle all the good work (he, Trump) had done. Trump declared Biden and the Democrats, like socialism, by the back door.

Trump went on, the election, is a choice where he will continue, to create thousands of high paying jobs and a sound economy or no jobs and industries in the US, going abroad.

Trump condemned the violence that has occurred over the death, of George Floyd. Also, the recent protests, arsons, looting, etc that have occurred over the near-fatal shooting of Jacob Blake, in Kenosha. Trump, said the Republicans stood for law and order also, love for the country.

Trump, did not mention the deaths of Floyd or the near-fatal injuries of Blake. However, he did mention what his administration, had done for blacks. He compared his years in office, to Biden's 47 years as a politician. Trump said he achieved more in his first term, as President, then Biden had in all his years in politics.

The current President, attacked Biden, saying he would be weak on foreign policy. Trump attacked China, immigration, cancel culture, etc, everything he considers is the enemy of all he and his followers, stand for. If Biden, did get elected there would be changes. Would Biden, keep up Trump's stance, on China and Iran? Possibly, he would be wary of China, but perhaps not so aggressive. Iran, surely, he would keep Iran at arm's length but re-join the nuclear agreement. Encourage, Iran to sign up again to the nuclear agreement. Would he be harder on Russia perhaps, but, he like Trump would have to meet Putin. Nothing perhaps would change fundamentally in America's friendship with Israel. Would, Biden remove the embassy back to Tel-Aviv from Jerusalem? Would he re-engage with the Palestinians, encouraging them to speak to a hard-right government under Netanyahu?

This election will be no like no other, it will be a politically charged, nasty campaign. It will be left v right, although some would describe Biden, as being on the right of the Democratic party. Faith will play a major part in this election too, especially amongst the right-leaning Christian fraternity, in favour of Trump. Some evangelicals may vote for Biden and Harris, but more left-leaning progressive Christians, are more likely, to vote Democrat.

2020, has been a tumultuous year, one that many of us will wont to forget. Whoever, is in the White House, come next year, will determine the future of the US and indeed, the rest of the world.


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