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Trump's Tariffs Are a Necessary Retaliatory Measure

Updated on July 3, 2018

To read the favoured publications of the global 'elite' (The Financial Times, Wall Street Journal, Economist etc.) you would think that President Donald Trump has decided, on a whim, to wage economic warfare on the rest of the world for no reason whatsoever. Trump's tariffs and general policy of protecting key American economic sectors from cheap foreign competition are presented as reckless and dangerous even though these actions come almost exclusively as a response to tariffs and trade restrictions imposed upon America herself by her foreign 'allies and partners'.

Yahoo has even created an entire section dedicated to what it calls 'Trumponomics' as though strategically imposing tariffs upon countries who are economically exploiting you is something invented and pursued by this President alone, following the general trend of the Liberal media which has been to de-legitimise and obstruct the President since the day he was elected.

The reality, however, is that economic disadvantages are imposed upon the US by a wide variety of different nations and one of hte most damaging of these are hefty tariffs on American exports which make many of those proposed by the Trump administration look positively mild in comparison.Take Canada, for example, where the government imposes a prohibitive 270% tariff on American Dairy exports or China where many electrical and other consumer goods face a 30% on more tariff (along with many other, non-tarrif related barriers as well).

Aside from the general arguments about the economic benefits or disadvantages of 'protectionism' (which I intend to get into another time) it is clear, whether you are a hardcore free-market capitalist or the most socialist individual on Earth, that to allow other countries to impose heavy tariffs on your goods, whilst failing to reciprocate in kind, will lead before long to a situation in which you are flooded with imports and your 'real economy' (factories, agriculture, industry) begins to wither away and eventually disappear altogether, unable to compete with cheap foreign competition.

Trump is merely acting in line with his campaign promises and following through with a common-sense and effective policy of which will set the economy of the American heartland (which voted in overwhelming numbers for him) back on its feet again. In spite of almost constant attacks by almost the entire media, cultural and academic apparatus on this front (as well as on many others) the President's overall economic policy is clearly enjoying almost staggering success with growth and employment figures not seen for many generations.

This policy of 'tit-for-tat' tariffs will not only benefit many hard-hit sectors of the domestic economy but, by asserting the US right to act in its own economic and political interests, will put it in a far stronger bargaining position in many other arenas as well -allowing Trump to make crucial military, trade and geopolitical deals in exchange for lessening some of the tarrifs imposed by the US on its competitors: a much better position to be in than in simply accepting those imposed upon the US without attempting to gain any advantages by resisting them whatsoever!

As with so many other things, we see that the mainstream media - which is almost entirely hostile to President Trump and his agenda - is attempting to paint his actions in the blackest possible light whilst completely ignoring the identical actions of those it perceives as it allies. It did this over the issue of 'family separation' (previously known as 'imposing the law') where Trump's activities were presented to the general public as unfathomably cruel and vindictive when, in reality, they were merely a, milder, continuation of those put in place by former Republican President George W Bush and carried on by liberal darling Barack Obama. The media is not interested in objective, fact-based analysis but, as with every other stronghold of liberal power, it is concerned solely with obstructing the President's activities and presenting even his most benign and reasonable actions as the deeds of either a madman or a monster

The public is waking up, however and the President's common-sense imposition of reciprocal tariffs, which will inevitably improve the already booming economy even further as it boosts domestic production and heavy industry, will render the Liberal media even less relevant than it is now and its lies will increasingly be seen for the hollow and desperate bleatings of a weak and dying force that they, in reality, are.


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