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Distrust in The Government Started After Cummings Drive North.

Updated on August 7, 2020

Boris' Decline in Popularity Began After The Cummings Fiasco.

According to the latest polls, Labour's Keir Starmer is seen as a more capable Prime Minister in waiting. Sir Keir Starmer's popularity has risen because people like his sleuth like taking down of Boris, (especially at Prime Minister's Question Time). However, Labour as a whole, still trail the Tories, by a few points, but that could change good or bad.

The decline in Tory fortunes is not just Boris v Sir Keir, the University of London has conducted a study. A study to show that the Conservative government has started to decline in popularity, thanks to, one, Dominic Cummings.

It all started before lockdown according to the study. But, the decline really kicked in when, Dominic Cummings drove his wife and child, 300 miles from London - Durham. When lockdown came into being, approximately on 23 March, it came with stipulations, that people were not allowed out unless it was for shopping, exercise, etc. The elderly, BAME people, those with underlying illnesses, were asked to take care.

However, it seemed Mr Cummings, (Boris' answer to Tony Blair's Alistair Campbell) seemed to think these rules, were not for him. As if his power behind the throne of Boris, gave him leave to ignore the rules. So off he drove, family in tow, to visit his parents in Durham and having a day around Barnard Castle (according to witnesses.) Allegedly, Cummings was also spotted a second time in Barnard Castle. Those, who apparently saw him, and reported it to the police, swear it was him. Though we know, people can be mistaken, whether they were, is up for debate.

People felt disillusioned and angry at the Conservative government. It seemed as if the police did not even bother to investigate Cummings, breaking lockdown rules. As was said at the time, anyone else would have been fined £100.00 on the spot. This as I said earlier, made the rot in support for Boris and his circus government more intense.

The University College of London said they asked 40,000 people about the question of the popularity of the government (during the COVID-19 outbreak). It is not only, however, according to UCL, the Dominic Cummings fiasco, but, the governments whole handling of the COVID-crisis. The PPE cockups, the now nearly 47,000 dead, the ending of the Furlough scheme, etc. The survey was also undertaken in the other nations of the UK, which also, showed a decline in Conservative support, as in England. Again, it was the handling of the COVID crisis and the Cummings shenanigans, that has led to the decline.

This survey is the biggest one of its kind, undertaken by the University College of London. It would seem UCL seemed anti-Tory and have it in for Bojo the clown. There is no evidence, this is the case, however, those critical of the survey will say it is anti-Tory.

Will this survey show the way to the future, as regards Boris' administration? Does it show for sure, Boris is on the way out politically speaking and Sir Keir is on the way up? Not necessarily, fortunes like anything else in life can change.

Boris may make come back, we are four years out from the 2024 general election. The fortunes of Boris and the Tories, Keir with Labour, are tied up with the COVID crisis. Other things will certainly, influence, the political fortunes of Labour and Conservative, but COVID will certainly determine, who is the next government for sure, in 2024.


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