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Truth & the Modern World

Updated on February 27, 2018

In the modern age, truth is an abstract word. Long gone are the days of being able to take the word of those in power and those in the media at face value. We live in an era of lies, and that fact is present in every aspect of our modern political world. Entire campaigns and movements and wars are based off of assumptions that are simply false. Misleading the public is no taboo for the powerful. Rather, it is a goal, and one that is achieved far too often. Much of the populous of the globe lives in a sorry state of perpetual ignorance about the true workings of the systems that guide their existence. Many a great man has tried to halt the turning of the wheel of oppression, but all have eventually failed. In ancient times, this was because the blessings of liberty could not even be fathomed by the huddled masses of commoners. In modern times, it is because these huddled masses of docile slaves are utterly convinced that they are free.

Us in the western world like to point out the flaws of other cultures while sitting on our high horse. Similarly, we look into our history only when we need to show examples of our undeniably impressive advancements and find out-of-context quotes and historical anecdotes to support our modern narratives. We are completely and hopelessly out-of-touch with both the world around us today and the world as it once was. Yet, we all believe ourselves to be experts in every field we ever converse about. We are blind to the true state of willful ignorance most every one of us is in.

For decades, our culture has been in moral freefall, while at the same time insisting to its people that it remains noble and strong. The path the nations of the world have set upon, the West in particular, is a path of self-annihilation. I speak not of the hordes of savage immigrants and ripping apart of traditionalism that conservatives speak to no end about. Nor do I speak of the rampant hate speech and resistance to collectivism that liberals claim shall be our doom. It is the fact that we have become slaves to the systems we ourselves allow to live that shall be our doom. We are unable to accept truths that are not compatible with our worldviews. We are unable to see that our liberties have vanished. We are unable to see that our current lifestyles are ecologically unsustainable. We are unable to see the world as it truly is, and if this continues, the future of mankind will be far darker than its past ever was.

We must realize that the age we live in now is coming to an end, regardless of what it leads into. It is our job to ensure that we forge a new and better path; if not for ourselves, then for those who shall reap the benefits of a new world long after we have all since passed. Do not fall victim to the interests of others. Fight not for what those in power claim to be right, but for what you know in your heart to be right. Enlighten yourself, and all the world shall be a bit brighter because of it.


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