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Truths, Lies, and Conspiracy Theories: World War III Is Here.

Updated on May 14, 2020
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The COVID-19 situation just keeps getting better. Every day we hear new stories that upset our apple cart even more.


If It Is On The Internet, It Must Be True; Right?

It is said that if it is on the internet, it must be true. Mostly, this is said either in jest or in an ironic or possibly a satirical manner. But when one researches the current Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, there is so much to be found relating to it that one doesn't know what to believe.

Masks don't help: wear masks. It isn't transmitted human to human: it is transmitted between humans. Only old people with prior health problems can die from it: anyone can die from it. It is a respiratory disease that causes pneumonia: it attacks multiple parts of the body. A ventilator helps: a ventilator harms. Clearly, the "experts" do not know the first thing about this virus and are making it up as they go along.

Well, so it appears to the laymen in the world, like me. Literally, I cannot tell from one day to the next what they "know" and what they "know"; y'know?

I am going to lay out some things I have found and read, articles which are either contradictory, confusing,or downright ridiculous. I will weigh in my thoughts at the end and would appreciate you doing the same in the comments section.

Truth, Lies, and Conspiracy Theory #1

French virologist and medicine Nobel laureate Luc Montagnier sparked controversy Sunday when he claimed that the virus – officially called SARS-CoV-2 – was not only man-made, but is the result of a Chinese attempt to produce a vaccine against AIDS.

Wow! How about that for a Truth, Lies, and Conspiracy Theory (hereafter known as TLCT)! Not only was COVID-19 man made, created in a laboratory but it was made to combat HIV and has possibly gone rogue, thus creating a living death for billions of people around the world, one which, due to HIV, can not be healed or recovered from, nor never fully gotten rid of.

Why does this have any credence at all? Well, timing for one. The virus first erupted in November of last year in Wuhan, China, which just happened to be the location where a Level IV Bio Lab calls home. It was a sudden attack on a group of people in a very specific area; there have been multiple reports of the virus being something relating to bats; and there are no bats of the specific type which are known to harbor this particular virus within a hundred miles of the supposed location this first surfaced. Yet, there is a biolab almost within sight of the location it first appeared. Hmmm.

So, what are Mons. Montagnier's credentials? Well, he won the 2008 Nobel Prize for his discovery of the Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) in 1982. So, I have to believe he has the intellect to recognize a virus when he sees one.

Question #1

Is this a Truth, a Lie, or a Conspiracy Theory?

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Truths, Lies and Conspiracy Theory Question #2

COVID-19 was first reported in a wet market in Wuhan.

Now, this one has been the most prevalent theory/fact of this entire crisis, that the virus first erupted in a wet market in November. But, did it really? There are reports of earlier cases, some reaching back to the previous month of October and maybe even further.

MILAN (Reuters) - Italian researchers are looking at whether a higher than usual number of cases of severe pneumonia and flu in Lombardy in the last quarter of 2019 may be a signal that the new coronavirus might have spread beyond China earlier than previously thought.

Well, that certainly presents a pretty picture, doesn't it? The Wuhan Virus in Italy before the official timeline of first case late November or early December? So, how would it have made its way there a full month or more prior to the official arrival in Wuhan's wet market?

It couldn't, could it. If this is true, then the entire timeline and therefore the entire virus situation is far different than we have been led to believe, and that means either we have been lied to from the beginning or something else occurred. But what? What else could have led to this virus arriving in another country before it officially arrived at the site of its birth to the world?

Let me share a thought with you. The World Military Games of 2019.

Running from the 18th of October through the 27th of October, close to 10,000 military athletes from almost 100 nations from around the world competed in various military applicable sports in an Olympic type competition, with close to a quarter of a million other people assisting in the games. These competitors arrived prior to these games, perhaps several weeks prior to, and for the first time in these games history, the competitors all lived in an Olympic style village, together. How easy would it have been to spread something among these athletes, unintentionally or otherwise, and then allow them to carry and spread a virus around the world, to their home nations, to their military bases, to their friends and colleagues?

Let me toss one more wrinkle into this convoluted line of reasoning: because they were among the most fit, most healthy specimens and therefore least likely to show symptoms any illness of this type would not have been noticed, or at least were asymptomatic, and this virus then spread unheeded and unnoticed to those who were not able to shrug it off?

Hmmm? Would that allow this other timeline to be possible, that of an earlier, late October infection?

Question #2

Is this a Truth, Lie, or Conspiracy Theory?

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Truth, Lies and Conspiracy Theory Question #3

Masks and gloves will assist in the reduction of transmission of this virus.

Now, this one is a tough one. In the beginning, We The People were told in no uncertain terms to not wear masks, that it would not help. Then we learned we SHOULD wear masks, that it would help. Then we learned the reason behind the first lie was so that those professionals who needed the masks could get them because We The People weren't purchasing them before the professionals could get enough to go around. Nice, real nice, Government. Thank you.

But the question remained: do these masks and gloves really work? Will they prevent the spread of the virus?

For weeks, we were told we had to wear masks in stores, in public. A security guard at a Dollar General in Michigan even lost his life when he was shot from behind in the head by a family who he had denied access to the store because one of their members wasn't wearing a mask. So, this was a serious situation.

Until it wasn't. Or rather, until we learn the truth. Studies are now showing that the virus can, in fact, move through a vinyl glove and find its way to your skin beneath. And because the skin is trapped beneath the vinyl, it heats up, sweats and becomes a perfect breeding ground for the virus to grow. Then when we take the gloves off we spread it around to whatever we touch. Additionally, when it remains on the exterior of the gloves we transmit it to whatever we touch, be it wallet, keys, door handles, anything and everything we touch. Things we do not clean, things we do not disinfect and when we pick them up again we transfer the virus to our skin once more, from there to our faces, our door handles, our masks, whatever.

So, do gloves really stop the spread? Unless we take extraordinary precautions, no they do not it appears. From there, I pose a further line of questioning:

If the virus can permeate the seemingly solid vinyl gloves, what exactly is there about a mask which will halt it from moving into our nose and mouths, and from there to our lungs?

If you can breathe through a mask, it would make sense that the virus would move through one as well, wouldn't it?

Truth, Lies, and Conspiracy Theories Question #3

Disposable masks and gloves will halt the spread of Coronavirus?

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In Conclusion...

So, if we look at these, and so very many more questions which are appearing daily that change the field of battle we find ourselves on regarding this virus, what is the truth; what are lies; and what are merely conspiracy theories? Taken together, if these questions are in fact to be answered as being truthful, then we are already at war. No small war this, but a war involving the world in its entirety; therefore, a World War. That would mean that China initiated the war in a sneak attack not unlike Pearl Harbor and the World Trade Towers. That would mean China intended to cause irreparable harm to the world with an eye towards world domination in a manner never before seen or imagined.

Did they create it, then inoculate their own against it before sending out this virus to the world via its armed forces? Did they combine something like the HIV virus in order to prevent people from fully recovering from it? We now know that everyone, from infant to septuagenarian are at risk, capable of dying from its infection. People are dying from lung issues, kidney issues, heart issues, and who knows what other types of issues. Has there ever been a virus that encompasses that many means of death? Not that I have ever heard of.

It can move through protective gear; it can last up to nine minutes in the air from a person simply speaking. It can last for days on certain materials, then be picked up by the mere brush of a fingertip. It reinfects its host time and again, making it so certain people might never be rid of it. It can be passed on through sexual activity, by breathing, by touch. Can it be passed on from a mother to her infant in the embryonic state? If so, then it will be ongoing, never ending until it wipes out mankind as we know it.

Or is this simply a perfect storm in mankind's history? One which arrived at the exact moment in history where it can do the most harm to the population? One perfectly suited to our transient lifestyle, our method of living which lends itself to its spread and destruction?


This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2020 Mr Archer


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