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Tucson Arizona's Massacre

Updated on April 17, 2012

American Flag And Arizona'a State Flag At Half Staff

Jared Loughner

On January 8Th 2011 tragedy struck in Tucson Arizona outside a Safeway at 10a.m during a political event. 22 year old Jared Loughner opened fire on a crowd of innocent people attending and defenseless congress woman Gabrielle Gifford when she was going to answer a question for him but little did she know it would change her life forever.

Jared Loughner attended Pima County college but was kicked out of college do to his behaviors and he was told he wasn't allowed back until he had a mental evaluation. Jared Loughner obviously has mental issue's do to the fact he made you tube video's about inventing a New U.S Currency and he complained of the illiteracy rate amongst people living in Gifford's congressional District. He also talked about mind control and there is also a video of him burning our American flag. You can view these videos at and type in his name.. Sorry but I will not put his picture or websites that give him credit for his horrible crime on my article.

The Innocent One's

During this massacre there were 16 people injured and 6 were fatal.. The individuals that lives were taking away to soon are Judge Roll, Dorothy Morris 76,Gabe Zimmerman 30, Dorwin Stoddard 76, Phyllis Schneck 79 and Christina Green 9.

Christina Green was the youngest that was fatally shot, she was born on 9/11/2001. Christina was a member of her student council at school and she was attending the political event on 1/8/2011 because of her interest in Government.. It's sad that she came into this world on a tragic day and now she went to be with the lord and became an angel on another tragic day.

My thoughts and prayers go out to all of the family members of the one's injured and the one's who lost there loved one.. My deepest sympathy to you all..May God help you through your time of need.

My Message to Jared Loughner

Jared Loughner your the type of child every mom should of aborted. How dare you play GOD and take innocent lives. You sat there and typed on you tube your high intelligent and well educated words but in all actuality your really ignorant,self centred,egotistic hypocrite and your nothing more than an oxymoron with the message you sent. You proved absolutely nothing and gained your own asylum. Your a piece of crap and I hope you ROT in HELL... Oh ya you shouldn't burn something you never fought for!!!!!!



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