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Twitter A Cultural Phenomenon

Updated on May 12, 2010

Some Thoughts on the Twitter Craze

I joined Twitter in March of 2009, not sure what I could expect from the site. I had been hearing Twitter this and Twitter that all over the media. They were talking about it on the morning shows on the news even during the talk radio shows I listen to during the day. It seemed as if several celebrities were using Twitter to make announcements as well as responding to their fans. I joined at a time when Ashton Kutcher and Ellen DeGeneres were racing to see who would be the first Twitterer to reach one million followers.

Eventually I signed up and it was easy they did not ask much in the way of personal information, an email address was all that was needed.

Over nine months later and I can honestly say that signing up for Twitter has been the most rewarding Internet experience I have had in a long time. Twitter is a place to share ideas, send links to your favorite Internet content, ask questions and just a great sense of community.

I have never nor shall I ever use my Twitter account to send out advertising links. The people who follow me would unfollow me instantly if I turned into an ad spammer. Do not believe the hype about monetizing your Twitter account the real users of Twitter will not follow adbots I guarantee this. I do tweet when I post a hub here on Hubpages but it is not to solicit my followers as I am not selling anything online, I do enough of that in real life.

Not only have I been introduced to many interesting people I have found vast amounts of information there as well. I have never subscribed to a "Get More Followers by Signing Up Here" application, I have added up my followers the old fashioned way by earning them. I only Tweet the things I think other people might be interested in reading.



There is another benefit to Twitter that may be useful to hubbers since you only have 140 characters to get your point across your editing skills will improve dramatically.

TinyURL is a great site for shortening links you want to add into your tweets.

#followfriday is a trend that every Friday you recommend your favorite Twitterers to all your followers.

Anything you can think of is discussed on Twitter and it probably has the best real time search engine I have ever seen.

I have tried Facebook I have tried MySpace and was thoroughly disappointed with the sites. I do still maintain a Facebook page but I deleted MySpace as I found it childish.

If you enjoy social media Twitter would be a great site for you to join. It might take awhile to build up a follower base but if you tweet relevant content your followers will increase automatically. Good Luck and Happy Tweeting.

For full disclosure I am not asking you to sign up for Twitter just so you can follow me but if you would like to follow me I use my Hubpage name (ArthurFontes)


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    • agvulpes profile image

      Peter 7 years ago from Australia

      I agree with you FaceBook to me can be such a waste of time. Twitter is handy though!

    • greensnob profile image

      greensnob 7 years ago

      Thanks Arthur Fontes. I am just starting to twitter and am learning hubpages, SEO, driving traffic, keyword, niche, do I need to continue. You have made tweeting sounds fantstic!

    • Arthur Fontes profile image

      Arthur Fontes 7 years ago from Fall River,MA

      I look forward to it Rose West.

    • Rose West profile image

      Rose West 7 years ago from Michigan

      Thanks for your encouragement and good information! I'll see you on Twitter :)