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Twitter Addressing Trump - "You're Fired."

Updated on December 12, 2019

Will The Real "Person of the Year" Please Stand Up?

Time Magazine recently just appointed sixteen year old Greta Thunberg the notable recognition of being "Person of the Year" and if you've followed her journey since 2018 you'll understand exactly as to why that is.

From strikes to public speeches this one individual has done it all - all with hopes of a better tomorrow by strategically analyzing and projecting the threat climate change has upon us all.

When questioned as to how she became the world's leading activist for climate control Thunberg gracefully responds by clarifying that at the age of eight she became aware to such issues and naturally became clinically depressed which led her and her family to discover the diagnostics of Asperger Syndrome.

Although many would allow this to silent themselves, Thunberg took this new self awareness and turned it to her own "Superpower" - so she says.

And Superwoman she's become.


Now You're Probably Curious as To What This Has To Do with Trump.

Nothing. Nothing at all exactly.

Other then he's a big baby, with big hair, and an even bigger ego.

"Person of the Year" isn't the first acknowledgment Thunberg has earned throughout her fight for a more substantial way of living and without doubt it won't be the last for she was in fact actually just nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize.

However, "Person of the Year" noticeably seems to be Trump's pride and joy and although this isn't the first year (since his fame in 2016) of being bypassed as Person of the Year, he simply just couldn't accept the defeat this go around. In response to Time Magazine's decision Trump decided to throw a public tantrum, one in which mocks the greatest voice of this generation.

"Greta must work on her anger management problem, then go to a good old fashioned movie with a friend! Chill Greta, chill!"

— Donald J. Trump

Don't Worry, Thunberg Kept Calm

In the moment that Trump's Tweet went viral was the moment where millions across the globe wanted to stand in defense of Thunberg, but just like most of what she says and does, she quickly was able to respond herself - in the greatest way ever at that!

Instead of engaging Trump directly, Thunberg not only changed her bio but also changed the game forever. Like her diagnostics, she conquers by acceptance and allows the immaturity of our beloved president to make her who she is - the girl with a voice.


Should Twitter Block Trump?

  • Was it embarrassment that a sixteen year old gains more approval then himself that caused Trump to lash out?
  • Is it that Thunberg consistently goes against higher power with motive of a better outcome that insults our president the most therefore causes such a reaction?
  • Or is it simply that Trump is so upset not to be plastered on the front of Time Maganize yet again that really ruffles his feathers?

No one but Trump will know, but what we all can agree to is that the world needs more of Great Thunberg and with each tweet against her from the U.S. President should at least make twitter consider his removal.

Do You Think Trump Should Be Banned From Twitter

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