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Two Sides of Trump

Updated on December 26, 2015

Trump Being Trump

It appears that depending on which side of the bed Mr.Trump gets up on determines where he stands on the issues plaguing America. One can't help but wonder what goes through his mind with each gaffe and with each contradiction he makes on a daily basis. He along with his potential future rival Hillary Clinton can't seem to agree with themselves on which side of any particular issue that they stand on. It is shocking in this day and age with every word being dissected by news outlets across the world that someone like a Trump can simply say one thing and then turn right back around and say the complete opposite without political ramifications. It is hard to understand how someone can support a candidate when at any given moment that particular candidate can pull a complete 180 and disavow every belief he has ever supposedly held dear? While uncommon that a candidate would even be given the opportunity to pull the wool over the American peoples eyes, it isn't impossible. In fact, the United States Supreme Court currently has what many would consider turncoats. John Roberts is the primary one that comes to mind. More often than not political candidates are so scrutinized by the media and the public that their core political beliefs are found out in time. Those who tow the party line almost always have an inside track to winning their party's nomination.

Unfortunately, this time around voters are primarily unconcerned about whether a candidate has principles or even if they do what principles they hold. We learned in the 1990s under the Clinton Administration that lying doesn't affect poll numbers or political opinions so why should heart-felt beliefs matter?

Trump The Flip-Flopper

Over the years Trump has changed his views on a number of important issues mostly due to political and financial gain. He was for abortion before being against it. He praised single-payer health care but opposes Obamacare. He was against a flat tax before touting that if elected president he would replace the income tax with a flat tax. He was for expanding the length of time on background checks for purchasing a gun, before recently stating that he was adamantly opposed to doing that very thing.

In 1999 Trump left the Republican Party stating "I just believe the Republicans are just too crazy right.” Of course these statements were during his time in the Reform Party a party that was founded by Ross Perot who many Republicans have disdain for after costing George Bush the elder his re-election bid in 1992.

In 2001 Trump left the Reform Party and became a registered Democrat. During an interview on CNN the current Republican front runner said β€œIt just seems that the economy does better under Democrats.” The Clintons were even honored guests at his wedding. In 2009 Trump once again changed political affiliations by rejoining the Republican Party but that didn't last long as two years later he identified himself as an Independent.

A fair assessment of Trump would be that he is a political mercenary who works for whoever will currently benefit him. That is why his threats of running as a third party should not be shocking to anyone and should be taken seriously by the Republican Party. In fact, it would be uncharacteristic of him not to run as a third party candidate even if it was just out of spite.

Confusion on the Right

Political pundits are left speechless as the American populace seems enamored by his 5th grade insults and bully pulpit antics. The media anxiously awaits his downfall believing it to be inevitable. Yet, each time his candidacy has been considered to be on the decline it rises with a vengeance in the polls. Some on this right find his don't care attitude to be refreshing. Especially in this time of political correctness. Even those who adamantly disagree with him can't deny that he is the furthest thing from a Washington insider. Which is something that most Republican voters especially those who identify with the Tea Party are desperately looking for.Too many times Republicans have gone to the polls to vote for a tried and true conservative who swears to be in the mold of Reagan but as soon as the votes are tallied they turn like rabid dogs on the very constituents that voted for them. Trump has that one of us feel to him. Someone who is mad as hell and is tired of how Washington works. Whether Trump's words are sincere is another matter but for the time being the voters do not believe that political expediency is driving his rhetoric.

Anti-Establishment or Anti-Republican?

Trump is the anti-establishment of this day and age and by that, I mean he doesn't play by the rules of today's Republican Party. He understands that America is divided and that if you have an R before your name on national television you automatically have the support of nearly half of the country no matter what you say or do. He understands that the Democratic Party along with the national media will nitpick every statement he ever made hoping to embarrass and undermine his candidacy. All they need is to back him in a corner and make him apologize for some stupid statement he said while out on the campaign trail but so far Trump refuses to play that game. He is a political version of Miley Cyrus he will say and do whatever he pleases and when someone calls him on it he will just shrug his shoulders and say that he is just being Donald Trump. Sadly even those who are fed up with politicians and with political correctness still have to understand that stances matter and if you hate Obama for flip-flopping then you should hate Donald Trump for doing the same. This is why we have debates so that we can weed out those who are not qualified and those who do not stand for the same values that we the people are looking for in a candidate. They have to be accountable for what they say now and what they have done or said in the past. Standards are put in place by societies so that demagogues like Trump, Obama and Hillary Clinton can't just spit in our faces without facing the repercussions at the polls. When politicians stop being afraid of the people tyranny is right around the corner. If we the people don't hold them accountable who will?


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    • Brett Hoover profile imageAUTHOR

      Brett Hoover 

      2 years ago from Livingston

      I think it has to do with a breakdown in the culture. Behavior is no longer checked like it used to be. Nobody is held accountable for their actions anymore. With such a lack of accountability added by peoples lack of attention on what is taking place around them and its almost surprising that it took this long for someone like Trump to take advantage of peoples ignorance.

    • FlourishAnyway profile image


      2 years ago from USA

      Trump is such a boob. I cannot imagine him getting this far. What is wrong with people?


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