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Types Of Government

Updated on October 22, 2011

A government is a ruling party of a state or a country the function of which is to provide a better life to the citizens of the state and provide them with certain laws and rules which they are meant to follow. In more general terms a government can be any authority which has the power over the citizens of a state or a government.

The concept of a government or a ruling party is not new. From the early human civilizations to the modern times, common citizens of a state are bound to follow the rules of the authority ruling their states.

Over the centuries as man revolutionized further and the human population increased and the cities and countries broadened different concept of a ruling party or a government started to come in view. Today there are many different forms of government found in different countries of the world.

Below are the types of governments that man has had or has been witnessing for centuries:


Monarchy is one of the oldest forms of governments. In this type of government the power to rule the country belongs to a single person known as the king.

The king then assigns the power of different states of the country to his relatives of the same family. The power of the king is transferred to his descendants and process goes on.

Presently there are 31 monarch government of the world. But few centuries ago this was the most prominent form of government in the world.

Ancient Greece was a Plutocratic state.
Ancient Greece was a Plutocratic state.


Despotism is probably the oldest form of a government.

Basically despotism can not be called a proper government as in this type of rule, there is a single ruler who claims to the God and the rest of the citizens are his slaves.

The pharaohs of Egypt and the gods of Rome and Greece are an example of despotism. Today this form of government is very primitive. And if it exists it is called as the tyrannical rule.


Plutocracy is also an old form of government in which the rich rule the state. The rich set the rules and the poor are meant to follow.

Basically in plutocratic form of government, there is small group of extremely wealthy individuals ho run the entire state.

The history has witnessed many of such governments but today this form of government rarely exists.

However in some states it is observed that private agencies run by the rich have a strong hold over the government. Many analysts believe that this too is a form of plutocracy.

Adolf Hitler, a famous dictator.
Adolf Hitler, a famous dictator.


Just like despotism, in dictatorship the country is run by a single person, but the difference between the two types of government is that in despotism the ruler considers the citizens as his slaves and is usually an evil character that instead of making the lives of his citizen’s better makes it worse.

A dictator on the contrary can serve his citizens well. This form of government has present for ages, today many small nations are under dictatorship.

Voting by common people is the basic requirement of democracy.
Voting by common people is the basic requirement of democracy.


Democracy is perhaps the best form of government devised by man. It can be best described as the government of the people, by the people and for the people.

In this type of government the people of the country choose representatives of their nation themselves to make a government.

The head of the government is the president that is too chosen by the local people themselves. The government on a mutual consent form a constitution which is a set of laws, rules and regulations on which the country runs.

Today democracy is the most prominent form of government in the world and most of the countries today run under democracy.


Communism or the communist government is a form of government in which the country is ruled by a party. Unlike the democracy in which the president and the ruling party works for the citizens who choose them in communism the citizens work for the government.

The president too is chosen by the ruling party. This government works on the principle that whatever the money every citizen of the nation earns is not for him but for his community.

So whatever money the people of the country earn half of it is taken by the government for running the country. Many countries today are under the communist government including Russia and China. 


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