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Types of cyber crime, which must be avoided

Updated on April 19, 2014
Photo by Utsavmtripathi
Photo by Utsavmtripathi

Cyber crime and its nature

Cybercrime is a type of crime done by the help of computer and internet. It is basically extension of traditional crime with the help of new technology.
The nature of cybercrime is virtual because in this crime there is no need to involve manually, but effects are the same as traditional crime. Today the use of computer and internet are growing very fast. we use them for doing important works of our daily life. In fact we cannot live without computer and internet and so, the chances of being a victim of cyber crime is increasing fast. The cyber criminals target our information which we provide them accidentally while using computer and internet. There are so many types of cyber crimes which can harms a person.


Hacking is a type of cyber crime. In simple words Hacking is an act by which a person access a computer system or network without permission of the owner. The person doing the hacking are called Hackers. They have best knowledge and understanding of computer and computer program. They misuse their knowledge and commit the crime of hacking. Hackers are also called crackers. There are many types of hackers like White Hat Hackers, Black Hat Hackers, Grey Hat Hackers etc. Among all of them, White Hat Hackers are the persons who use their knowledge for good purpose and check the security of any system or software.

Image Credit- Guy Fawkes Mask Image.jpg, by Vectorportal (CC BY SA)
Image Credit- Guy Fawkes Mask Image.jpg, by Vectorportal (CC BY SA) | Source

Online Identity Theft

Online theft is also a major type of Cybercrime.
Nowadays, people using the Internet frequently use their sensitive data like. Bank details, credit card details, etc. on the Internet and cyber criminals target these data and commit online theft. Cyber criminals also target copyrighted content on the Internet and download and distribute it.
This is a one part of Online Theft on the other hand there is an advanced stage of online theft that is called Identity Theft. We all know that a normal internet user has many online account including many social networking accounts and they all have their username and password. Cybercriminals target that username and password and use the account behalf of original owner of the account. It damages the online presence and reputation of owner of account holder. It may also causes financial loss sometimes.

Denial-of-Service Attack

In simple word Denial-of-Service referred the act by which a user of any website or service denied to use the service or website. In this type of cyber crime criminals target the web server of the websites and flow a large number of requests to that server. This causes the use of maximum bandwidth of the website, and it goes slow down or not available for some times




Phishing an act by which cyber criminals attempt to know the confidential data of any internet user. The Data may be the credit card number or username and password of any account. The main purpose of Phishing is to steal money or acquired other important data of any person, which causes financial loss.
The act of Phishing done by sending e-mail or websites in which cyber criminals ask about your personal information or there is a link, and they tell click on it. After clicking on that link the person may be the victim of Phishing.

Spamming and Email Bombing

Spam is a message also known as junk mail, send with a web link or business proposal. Clicking on this link or responding to business proposal send to a phishing website or install a malware in your computer. The sender of these emails are always unknown. You must aware to responding these type of spam mails because it tends towards some financial and data loss.
On the other hand in email bombing an abuser sending huge numbers of email to target address and due to this that email address or mail server crashed. It feels like Denial-of-service impact. It says that spamming is a variant of Email bombing.

Web Jacking

The world Web Jacking comes from Hijacking. In this type of cybercrime the cybercriminals hacks the control of a website. They may able to change the content of that website. They use that website as like owner and the real owner of website has no more control on the website. Sometime attackers asks for ransom to the owner of the website

Data Diddling

Data Diddling is unauthorised altering of data. When a person enter some data to his computer and output is different from input then he may victim of data diddling.It is done by a virus progarm that change the entered data.

Software Piracy

Software Piracy is also a type of cybercrime and unfortunately most of Computer user are part of this crime. In this era of the Internet, you can easily download a movie or software via many websites or torrents. People often use a software without proper permission from the copyright holder of the software. They normally download the software and crack the code and use the software without buying that. This act is also a part of software piracy.
The following type of work constitute a cyber crime of Software Piracy.
1. Cracking the key of any software.
2. Using unlicensed software in your personal computer.
3. Using single licensed software to multiple computer.
4. Distributing such type of software to other persons.

Most dangerous Cyber Crime

In your point of view, which is the most dangerous Cyber Crime?

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    • dbenie1 profile image


      4 years ago

      great post, on i wrote a similar piece which also links to software to protect your computer.

    • profile image

      saleem khan 

      6 years ago

      About hacking ?

      Hacker is a software which is used to steals and theft the personal data of another peoples.

    • Joel Okimoto profile image

      Kai Morris 

      6 years ago from London

      Great hub! I think it's all too easy to forget how much crime actually goes on online (and offline).


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