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UFO Sightings Are They Fact or Hallucinations?

Updated on February 9, 2020
Anita Hasch profile image

Anita's main passion is reading and writing. She enjoys reading about UFO sightings, the Universe and the possibility of Aliens.

UFO’s Fact or Fiction

Allen Hyner was appointed as the air force consultant on UFO’s in 1948. At the time he did not believe in the existence of UFO’s, but after a few years he was puzzled by some of the cases referred to him. The unexplained cases seem to be similar in many ways.

The UFO’s hovered a few feet above the ground and had a bright red glow. A high pitched whine came from the craft. When they began to disappear it took a matter of seconds. Imagine if one star in ten is circled by a planetary system that has life, how many life supporting stars there would be in the universe.

As some of the stars are millions of years older than our sun, life elsewhere may have evolved millions of years beyond our civilization. An advanced civilization, would be watching the progress of life elsewhere in its galaxy.

The air force reviewed over 10,000 cases from 1947-1965. More than six hundred cases were unidentified. People from Black Hawk, South Dakota reported strange objects in the sky on an evening in August 1953. Unidentified objects showed on the radarscope at a nearby air force base.


Possible Explanations of this Phenomenon

The following are possible explanations of these sightings.

  • The sightings are some kind of military weapon that is being tested in secret. Secret devices are usually tested in isolated areas.
  • The UFO’s come from outer space and although there is no solid evidence that we have had visitors from outer space, it would be irresponsible to rule out the possibility.
  • If these sightings are hallucinations, how is it possible that so many people have reported seeing them from so many different countries.

Strange Unexplained Sightings

In 1966 near a North Dakota missile base, an incident which happened left a police officer amazed. He observed an object, which appeared to be a UFO, floating on its edge down the side of a mountain. It wobbled from side to side about ten feet from the ground.

After reaching the valley floor, it climbed to about 100 feet and moved off towards a water reservoir. The UFO was about 30 feet in diameter. It then spread out and a small dome appeared on top.

After hovering over the water for a minute, it sped off to a field where it hovered at a height of about 10 feet, some distance from the witness. Then it shot up and disappeared into the clouds at a terrific speed.

UFOs Generals, Pilots and Government Officials Go On Record by Leslie Kean

Leslie thoroughly investigated the facts of this book. She focused only on the evidence from the most credible sources, as at least 90% of all sightings are eventually identified. The book is concerned only with the remaining UFO sightings that are unexplained.

These involved multiple witnesses, effects on the aircraft such as equipment malfunction. When radar records the presence of a craft, and at least two pilots and other witnesses report the same sightings the incident has real credibility.

About half the chapters in her book were written by expert witnesses.


Why Don't the UFO's Communicate With Us

Many of these cases were reported by respectable, people who at first were reluctant to report these incidents. These sightings came from control tower operators, pilots, astronomers and meteorologists, many with technical training. Why don’t the ‘UFO’s communicate with us?

A South African Claims Sexual Relationship With Alien

Elizabeth Klarer born 1 July 1910 was a South African who maintained that she had a sexual relationship with an extraterrestrial named ‘Akon’ between 1954-1963.

According to her she was taken into a spaceship on the high plateau of Cathkin Peak in the Drakensburg. Akon `was a scientist from the planet Meton in the Alpha Centauri system. Elizabeth was trained as a meteorologist at Cambridge, England.

She later studied music at the Trinity College, London. She also became a pilot and says she had a son who she left with her lover on another planet. Elizabeth said that she used telepathic communication to converse with Akon. In 1943 Elizabeth moved back to South Africa.

UFO's Exist

The British Ministry of Defense confirmed that UFO’s do exist. They had UFO data containing six thousand pages which contained unusual sightings.


Are There UFO's?

Do UFO's Exist

See results

A Strange Experience

In 1975 we were living in Mosselbay in the Western Province. My husband was working at the construction of the new Gouritz River bridge. One night he was supervising the workers and asked me to bring him coffee and to come and keep him company.

As I drove towards the crossroads, before turning onto the road leading to the new bridge, I was distracted by a strange sight. Some distance into the field in front of me I noticed an object hovering on the side of a hill. It had lights which glowed and while I stared it seemed to flash into the sky and it disappeared.

I was still staring and wondering where it had gone when I felt the presence of somebody on the back seat. I was at the stop street on a lonely road with no street lights but it was full moon. I spun around but nobody was there, yet I could feel the presence.

I sped off at a high speed to get away from the eerie place as I became unpleasantly aware of the isolation of the lonely road and area. My one hand moved protectively to my throat as I sensed telepathically that somebody or something wanted to touch my throat. About a kilometer further I felt the presence leave the car.

My mind tried to process this strange phenomenon, and I came to the conclusion that an accident or murder had taken place at the crossroads.

Or could they have dropped an alien to study us humans, and the presence I felt in the car was an alien. Which would mean that they can make themselves invisible. Who knows. However that theory makes more sense than it being a ghost. Have you had a strange phenomenon that you could not explain, or seen a spaceship, please share with us.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2016 Anita Hasch


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